I grant I never saw a goddess go…

…My mistress, when she walks, treads on the
And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare
As any she
belied with false compare.

She walks upon the ground it’s true, but also into my dreams.  Ahhh.

Castration chat
Really, men get so obsessive about this sort of thing.

Femdom choices
It’s good to have choices.  Eat it, don’t eat it.  Up to you.


I’ve noticed she seems to stay cross for longer, these days.

Madame Sarka fattens them up
Actually, the  Ladies always cook too much food at Christmas, and they end up having to throw at least half of it away.  But it doesn’t get wasted – they just feed it to the pigs.

Mens lib again - how tiresome
The person is political.



And, just for Another Anonymous:

See?  It’s worth commenting in this blog.  You get stuff.

0 thoughts on “I grant I never saw a goddess go…”

  1. What happened to Raoul? Haven't heard of him in a while. Did he fall into slavery as well?

  2. Oh, no, I shouldn't think so. I think he's just been a bit too busy lately to bother with the sort of nonsense that goes on here, you know? If I see him (and if I have speech privileges at the time), I'll remind him to pop in, OK?

  3. Oh… I thought that being around dominant ladies all the time it was bound to happen sooner or later.

  4. Poor Adrian… another post where he gets castrated and his friend finds out…

  5. Nah, that was a different Adrian. Don't be ridiculous – how many times do you think one man can be castrated? Goodness, some people need to get more in touch with reality, if you ask me.

  6. Really? This isn't the same Adrian from "Time for Change"?

    By the way, I can't tell – what is "standard" for a castrated husband? Is he normally allowed to keep his penis (attached), or do they completely smooth him out? And are the removed organs usually preserved, or just tossed out?

  7. You know, you're paying rather closer attention to this than I am! Or both of you are, if you're a different Anonymous.

    On the subject of what's left… I did a caption on that quite recently didn't I? A lady explaining that she's had a good look in the attic, and it seems to have been thrown away? Or is that yet to come?

    You see, I write captions as and when the muse strikes me (ow!) and I also queue up posts often a month or so ahead, so I have little sense of what has happened and what is in the future. A bit like Merlin in The Once and Future King (or the Disney Sword in the Stone, if you prefer). Or I'm just forgetful… one or the other.

    But ANYWAY there's a definitely a captioned image answering your question!


    Thank you for commenting. Thanks both of you, if you're not the same!

  8. Hmm . . . well, the closest I've seen is "The Funniest Thing", back on August 2nd. That's the one where a woman informs the neutered Mark that there was a mix-up at the castration clinic – "his" preserved testicles actually belong to someone else, while his former organs were accidentally thrown out. It didn't really say which was more common.

    And no, I'm not affiliated with the original "Anonymous" – or at least I don't think I am. Its a big world, after all.

  9. Are there really women involved in the Men's Lib movement? Wow, I find that hard to believe – what on Earth could they be thinking? Are they just trolling for men with loose morals (and poor judgement)? Or is there something about that ridiculous movement they find appealing?

  10. It's bizarre, isn't it? I've heard it's some strange sexual thing, to do with gender role reversal and humiliation. I find that hard to believe, but who knows? There are some really weird perverts out there, you know. Just be glad you're normal, like me and the other readers of Contemplating the Divine.

  11. Nope, I found it myself thanks. It was on my computer. Along with 485 other captioned pictures as yet unpublished. I'm a bit of a hoarder, if I'm honest with myself…

    Anyway, so you don't have to wait unti 2014, I've added it at the bottom of this post.

    Just for you, Another, if I can call you by your first name.

  12. Hi! Tanya here, and I think I can answer your question. After all, I used to be a Men's Libber! Shocking, huh? Well, I got into the whole "movement" back in high school – and I bet you can guess why!. Too many chastity belts! So many mothers lock their teen boys up to keep 'em out of trouble . . . and what fun is that? You go to all the trouble to seduce a cute boy, get him out of his pants (or skirt), then — wham! Brick wall. He's locked in a chastity belt – you can't even get at the good parts! All that time wasted!

    Oh, sure, you could make 'em go down on you, or spank 'em still . . . but you remember what its like at that age! You've got all these big ideas, made all these big plans for your first bf, only to be stopped at the finish line! It was so frustrating! Many of the jocks had full cup designs, too – sure it was good for sports, but you couldn't even get at their testicles in those things!

    So that's how my friends and I got into Men's Lib. We had our own little club in HS – must have passed out enough fliers to paper the school two-three times over. I still remember the slogans. "Chastity is Cruelty!" and "My Balls, My Choice!", that kind of thing. We even went streaking once, during the big game, "Unlock the Cock!" painted across our chests. You should have seen the principal – I thought her hair was going to catch fire! Made the yearbook, though!

    But hey, everyone has to grow up, right? And now, while I know better, I have to admit – being a mens' libber was FUN! Probably my favorite mistake from my teen years!

  13. Hello Tanya

    You sound quite the teenage tearaway. I suppose mens lib appeals on some level to a primaeval sense of fairness that most of us have. But I think it's important, as a girls grows up to be a woman, that this primitive instinct be suppressed in favour of a proper sense of unfairness and cruelty.

    Welcome to the blog.


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