Disciplined loving

Guilty feelings femdom
She’s right, you know.  If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.  And in any case, a man should fear his wife, I think, don’t you?

Actually, that’s a bit surprising.  Because I seem to remember her saying with a giggle once that she’d heard one of her new freinds had a soundproofed rape room in his basement.  Oh well… maybe that was someone else.

Cruella mistress victoria again
Think fast.  The tip of the whip can move at over 100 mph.
 This is Lady Victoria from Cruella (and from a long time ago

– thank you for the adolescent memories, Mr Rogue-Hagen and Ladies).

Paddled by Mistress again again too
We all say things we regret, from time to time.  It’s part of married life.

That’s a relief.  Let’s hope she ticked the ‘anaesthetic’ option.  She can be so forgetful.

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  1. This might be your best set of captions yet! But the woman in the second one seems awfully lenient-asking so nicely and he doesn't even have to call him master?!

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