Party animal

Oh, hey

Yeah, I did
want to see you.  Imagine that!  You, actually talking to me.

Anyway, I
heard you’d been, like, perving around trying to find out about my party, so
you can come to it?  But you know, it’s
only, like, for attractive people, so you can’t go?

Well… are
you really desperate to be there? 
Really?  I mean really desperate?

OK, that’s
pretty pathetic.  So I’m going to help
you out.

See, it’s
going to be a real blast.  There’s going
to be a lot of guys there, and they’re going to drink a lot and get pretty
blasted and there’ll be, like, drugs and stuff, you know?

So, the
place is going to be pretty trashed, and my folks have said that if I leave it
in that state again, I’m going to be grounded.

So – here’s
the deal.  You can come to the party, as
long as you’re not there too early, and as long as you clean up, OK?

How late?  Well… I
guess it would be OK for you to arrive by about 3am.  Most people should have gone by then.

Anyway, when
you get here, you go to the utility room and you put on an apron and get some
brushes and cloths and things and start cleaning up, OK?  There might still be some people partying by
then, but I guess most people will have gone, or they’ll be making out, or just
chilling, you know?  You can clean around

So – the
first thing will be cleaning up all the food, and spilt drinks.  You can have leftovers, but no alcohol,
OK?  You’re a clumsy idiot when you’re sober, so I am not letting you drink.  And make sure you get any vomit
up straight away, because that smell can really linger.  Scrub at it with a stiff brush and plenty of water.

And you just
keep on cleaning until you’re done.  No
vacuum cleaner before I’m up next day, OK? 
If that thing wakes me up, I’m going to make you put your cock in it and
put it on turbo.  And our vacuum
cleaner’s really powerful, so you don’t want to make me do that.  Do not for one second imagine I’m joking.

You’ll have
all day, if you need it, to get it all straight again.  My folks are coming back early the day after.

OK, so
you’ll be there tomorrow night?  Good.
Well?  Are you going to thank me for inviting you to my party, you ungrateful little shit?
OK, that’s better.  Now fuck off.

Oh – one
thing?  If my folks aren’t satisfied with
the way it looks?  And I’m grounded?  Then I will make you regret that every single
day for the rest of the year.  Do not
test me.

And if
anyone asks, tell them I’m paying you to clean, OK?  I don’t want them to think I invited
you.  In fact, bring some money that I
can hand you as your wages.

OK, you can leave now.

0 thoughts on “Party animal”

  1. Very bossy! I think she should send him around to her friends' houses to clean, wash cars, and make him pay $ for the privilege.

  2. I wonder how she would make him "regret every day for the rest of the year"?

  3. You know, if he'd agree to being locked in a cock cage, that'd solve a lot of problems. There'd be no question of him trying to flirt with the girls, or competing with the guys . . . Plus, she could let him arrive early, serve the guests when they arrive, AND clean up afterwards.

    And its not like the idea's completely foreign – a lot of teens are getting locked up these days. He's probably fantasized about having one of the pretty girls in his classes locking him up. This way, they'd both win!

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