Locked in abasement

It’s where you’ll usually find me.  If you can be bothered to look.

Chastity femdom picture that kind of thing
She feels your pain.  But not quite as much as you do.

Caning femdom picture that kind of thing
It’s supposed to look like that.  But then – you’re supposed to be caned, too.

We love Jerry Ryan
Let’s hope it’s not a third six.  It can happen, though.  I once rolled a huge pile of dice and almost all of them came up six.  I can’t remember exactly how many, but it was at least seven of nine.

Madame Sarka breaks a new slave
You wouldn’t think dommes would be so indecisive, would you?

At least one of these magnificent ladies is the awesome* Madame Sarka, formerly of the OWK and now of herself.  If any ‘readers’ can help identify the other lady, I will be grateful.

Badly stoned femdom
One art critic described her work as ‘a joyful celebration of life, movement and freedom’, which is rather ironic, when you think about it.

* When I use the word ‘awesome’ it should be understood in its original sense, meaning ‘inspiring awe’, rather than it’s modern sense (pronounced ‘ossom’) meaning ‘quite good’.

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  1. I may be wrong, but I think it's Madame Nicole on the picture together with Madame Sarka.

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