Just looking


What?  Oh God,
no.  You don’t have to do anything like that.  He can’t cope with real women.

We just have to stand here wearing these
for half an hour while he watches. Then we go and get changed and leave him the
underwear.  God knows what the little
pervert does with it – puts it on or wanks into it or something.  Easiest money you’ll ever make.


No, don’t worry about that. 
He gets off on humiliation.  You
can say what you like.


Can’t we, pervert?


That’s right.


By the way, pervert, after this, we’ve got an appointment with a real
man.  He wants to fuck both of us all
night, and we’re charging him less than a tenth of what you’re paying for half
an hour! 

Isn’t that funny?
Hmm?  No, he never speaks.  Just sits there and watches.  Kind of creepy, isn’t it?  Still, probably better that he does this than going off to watch girls in the park, or something.
How are we doing for time?  This is the first time I’ve had someone with me.  It’s good to have someone to talk to, instead of just me and the creep.  He got very excited when I said I was bringing a friend – didn’t you, pervert?  Asked if we could kiss, and maybe cuddle a bit.
And what did I say to that, pervert?  Do you remember?  Oh but you don’t say anything, do you?  You just sit there, drinking in the humiliation.  Well, I’ll tell you again.  I told you to fuck off, didn’t I?  There’s no way you’re going to see us doing any lesbian stuff.  Not for you to get off to, anyway.  Actually, we really are lovers, in real life.  I’ll probably kiss her the moment we leave your apartment.  And then we’ll probably fuck each other in the threesome.  But you wouldn’t want to see us fucking anyway, pervert.  That’s real sex you see, between two real women.  It’s not like those pictures of straight girls gently stroking each other in pristine underwear, wearing lots of make-up and glancing back at the camera. That’s just porn for perverts.  The real thing would scare the shit out of you.  Probably leave you impotent for days… if you’re not already.

In fact, fuck it, you don’t deserve the full half hour.  We’re leaving early.  Come on – let’s go and get changed.  He’ll just have to sniff extra hard.


Oh – and pervert?  Next time you book us?  You’re only getting fifteen minutes.  Same price. And we’ll decide what time to arrive – you can just wait for us all evening, if we’re running late.

Now you can call us a limo.

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