Fedmom capyions

Just for all those of you too excited at the thought of all these pictures of dominant ladies to type into Google correctly.

One of the most common search terms for people finding this blog is “Contemplating the devine”.  No.  Just no.  Write it out correctly 500 times, and then go and see Miss Hardcastle, boy!

On we go.

Free to choose
Where else could you be?

Venus in furs
Clue: the right answer is “Yes” or, better, “Yes, Mistress”.  Don’t worry – you can always borrow the money if you haven’t got it!

Spanked to obedience
Men say the oddest things sometimes.  That’s why sensible wives don’t let them speak without permission.

Femdom endless caning
The safeword is your credit card number.

Another castration caption
You have laugh really, eh?  All those bitter tears of loss…  Over someone else’s balls.  Funny.  Isn’t it?

By the way, I shall be on holiday for about the next two and a half weeks.  The blog will continue to update itself twice a week via the magic of ‘scheduler’ *.  But if I don’t respond to your comment for a few weeks, it’s not because I am rude, or too lazy to do so**, it’s just because I’m not really here.  But I’d like you to keep commenting anyway…
*actually, to tell the truth most of the captions and stories these days are produced using an AI script anyway, which is why they are so repetitive and formulaic.  The real ‘Servitor’ died of shame about six months ago.  Nobody cared.
** unless of course you are a representative of the ruling gender, in which case my failure to reply is a sign of laziness and rudeness, and I hope you’ll be taking appropriate disciplinary measures to deal with this disgracefully impertinent behaviour.

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  1. Think I'd better submit to the chain again..the outside world just isn't as much fun, Mistress!

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