Happy thoughts

Morning honey! Hey – I was wondering – did you talk to George at he party last night? Sally’s George?

Yes, I thought I saw you the two of you. So… did you notice anything different?

Yeah? He does seem happy, doesn’t he? Much better than he was. And they make such a lovely couple now – don’t you think?  They’re both really happy.  I’m glad you noticed that.

Well… Sally let me into a little secret last night. Apparently, she had him fitted with a ThoughtTrainer about two months ago! Isn’t that amazing? Yeah – those things they use on criminals.

Anyway, apparently it’s set to train his thoughts to be more attentive to her. So it makes him happy when he’s obeying her – and it hurts him a bit if he has disobedient thoughts.

Yes, that’s probably why he was having all those headaches last month. I expect he was still getting used to having to think obedient thoughts all the time. But it looks like he’s cracked it now! And that’s why she decided finally to tell us – I can’t believe she kept it quiet for so long.

No, apparently he can’t tell anyone. It’s set to block him saying anything about it. Apparently you can set it up, so it prevents any expression at all of some thoughts. So he can’t disagree with her – that kind of thing.

But he seems really happy. Don’t you think he seemed happy? He had a kind of smile on his face the whole evening, didn’t he? And especially when she gave him little jobs to do. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so eager.

I guess they’re kind of a perfect couple now, huh? Because she used to hate it when he disobeyed – do you remember?  She’s always been like that. A bit like me, I suppose!

Oh – and Julie said that maybe she’d have one fitted onto Trevor. Now he really needs it – don’t you think? Imagine! Grumpy old Trevor as a happy little helper for his wife. I’m looking forward to seeing that!

I hope they’ll be as happy as Sally and George. Don’t you? I’m sure they will be. Lucky old Trevor. I expect it’ll be the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Don’t you think so?


 So….is there anything you want to say to me?




Well, I guess you’d better get on with your chores, anyway. I’m going round to see Sally. A few of us girls are. I’ll probably be late back, so don’t wait up, OK? Unless there’s something you want to talk about, when I get back.

OK, bye then!

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  1. Part of me would be terrified by this, but part of me would love it!
    No more stray thoughts that are not pleasing to your Mistress. Total joy in service to her forever.
    And to see her feeling such ease and empowerment!
    Oh the live of the Stepford Husband certainly has it's selling points!

  2. Yes, total joy. Because if you don't feel sufficiently joyful, you get punished. It's different from just saying "thank you for punishing me, Mistress". You actually have to mean it. Or it will hurt, and it will not stop.

  3. Stories…no. Well, not yet. My stories tend to deal with making males do things using extreme violence or humiliation (check out the two free volumes from Scribd by following the links up on the right there!). I've used the 'brain clamp' idea in one or two captions I think…but I don't have any more of an indexing system than the word cloud so I don't think I can find them. There are three posts labelled 'lobotomy' – rather mixing the brutal violence and the mind control, I suppose.

    This one really ought to be there, but isn't. And I think it's one of the best captions I have ever done.

    Anyway, mind control is something I might well try more of. I like the idea that the man has enough consciousness left to know and want to resent what's going on, even if he can't actually resent it as such… don't want to make it too easy.

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