Worshipping graven images

Actually I don’t know if these images have been ‘graven’.  To be completely honest, I don’t really know what ‘graven’ means.  But occasionally I like to hearken back to the title of the blog with a religious reference.

And isn’t it amazing, if you go googling phrases relating to punishment and humiliation, looking for bdsm porn (as we do), how most of the vanilla sites you find are religious?  Hmmm… something to be explored there, I’d suggest.

But not in this blog.  On we go.

Impersonal femdom
And you’ll do.

Well? Have you?
This is the divine Goddess Heather.  Have I featured her image before, for you all to worship?  Well yes, I think I might have done once or twice.
She shouted at me once, across the floor of a club, you know.  Treasured memory…
Poor Simon.  It must be very difficult for him.  Almost as difficult as it’s going to be for you.

Actually, there are other ways to make the swelling go down.  But amputation is easily the best.  Don’t worry – they’ll fit you with a prosthetic replacement.

A lot of men don’t realise that when they’re married, they’re expected to discuss things a lot more.  Such as discussing why they’re late home, discussing why the ironing wasn’t done to her satisfaction, discussing whether he can stand up or must remain on his knees for a bit longer – that kind of thing. It’s all about communication.

0 thoughts on “Worshipping graven images”

  1. Oh, what i wouldn't give to have to ask Nicole permission to use the toilet for the rest of my life…

  2. yes, having to get your wife's permission every time to use the toilet would help establish the marital chain of command. Being required to ask permission to speak would solve the annoying habit of many husbands interrupting their wives.

  3. There's not really a lot of difference. If you don't follow her orrders, obviously she's not communicating clearly enough and needs to find a way to get her point acrss better.

  4. Yes. Amd with modern forms of communication – mobile phones, twitter and so on – there's really no excuse for not politely asking her permission every time, wherever you are.

  5. Mmm I can just imagie that now the humiliation of doing hard labor in prison uniform and in total chastity as the strict female officers punish you for looking the sklightest bit aroused!

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