Boys will be toys

Yet more captioned images of female domination.  What else were you expecting?  Dancing kittens?

Femdom allowances
But don’t ask her to buy you any long trousers.  You know she won’t.

Electroshock punishment
She’s going to be applying some science.

A tap on the bottom
It’s all right.  She’ll take it nice and slowly.
 This is the divine Mistress Vixen.

Maid for pleasure
You’ve only yourself to blame.  You gave her the job – remember?  I can’t imagine why.  She’s rubbish at cleaning.

It’s not as if Raoul would be taking your matrimonial rights.  She’s not going to fuck you, whetever happens, she’s made that quite clear.  So you’re not losing anything.  Be reasonable, hmm?

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  1. I like "Allowance" too.I think the standard punishment for wanting a bigger allowance or new trousers is 15 days in the pink punishment skirt is;tit Servitor!

    A maid needs somebody to order around from time to time!

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