Lifestyle management

These ladies can do that for you, if you like.  Or indeed, even if you don’t.

Nun  femdom - lets see what Google makes of this
It’ll be all right.  You should be able to avoid the more painful penances as long as you haven’t been having sinful thoughts.
You haven’t… have you?

Tired old trope about cuckold honeymoon
Particularly as you’ll not be staying in the same hotel as them.

Hope he has a diaper fetish…because she’s a bit incontinent these days.  Still – not many of us get a chance for real 24-7 slavery to a dominant woman, eh?  Lucky beggar.

You sit on the edge of the engine, with your trousers down around your ankles, and just wait for the fun to start.

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  1. Sister, I must confess to many sins such as not knowing my place.I'm sure I'll receive some tough pennance..)

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