A service of worship

More femdom captions…captioned images of female domination.  Dominatrix… or Herrin, Maitresse, Dominadora or Padrona.  That sort of photos: of cruel dominas, dommes, mistresses and their male slaves, submissives, subs.
(Yes, I know you know all of that already.  But search engines don’t, poor lambs).

Oral service fucktoy
Or indeed speak.

You see, it’s not actually a mail-order bride service. It’s for mail-order husbands.

She’s obviously know.  Most of the girls in the office know all about your, ermm… little problem.
He doesn’t take up much room.

Just a little light spanking. Then the heavy paddle.  So much more fun, on the front.

0 thoughts on “A service of worship”

  1. Taking a picture from a website and adding your own URL doesn't make you the co-owner or something like that. Doesn't matter if you put some text on it, you have no rights whatsoever. Just ask the DMCA, like I did. Don't worry, didn't mention your URL. Not yet anyway.

  2. That troll up there's besmirching the good name of Anonymous…
    Keep up the good work, Servitor.

  3. Thank you, Mr A, for that kind comment. The great majority of anonymous comments (since I first started to allow them this year) have been pleasant, supportive (like yours), funny or any of the other reasons why it is usually such a pleasure to check the comments section. So I don't regret it.

    I don't really understand the psychology behind trolling (oddly, because I'm rather keen on gratuitous cruelty in certain circumstances, as I expect you've noticed!). But as long as they're not rude, I'll reply politely.

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