Rewards and punishments

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell them apart, don’t you think?

And thanks to rote learning, they know a lot of very long poems in Norwegian, word-perfect, off by heart.  Sadly, they don’t know what any of those words mean.
 The wonderful, severe (and wonderfully severe) Cassie Hunter, or “The Hunteress”.

Wife led very wife led
Do you sense she might be losing interest in the sexual side of this marriage?

Don’t worry.  She’ll have time to get away, when the acid starts gushing out.  Even in those high heels – she’ll be fine.

Domme gets it wrong
Oh well.
 I don’t know the original source (something about it says “German” to me…), but I got this from the She is in charge tumblr.
[Edited: Paltego in the comments has kindly pointed out that this is Lady Ramirez, to be found at  So – at least we know who she is.  As for the other… well we know he’s not Dave (or was it Dennis?) but otherwise the field’s wide open.] 

Having your mouth full most of the time will probably help prevent you forming deep emotional attachments too.

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  1. This rote learning and extra PT can be quite enjoyable when you get used to it, Servitor. It helps that all that all teachers and gym instructors are female (and very strict!). Women wear the pants in here, we wear the shorts!

  2. Yes, they say the first eleven years of it are the worst. After that, you lose hope and it becomes a lot easier to cope with.

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