The future’s bright – just not for you

More captioned images of female domination, of course.

Space 1999 amazons
As I’ve mentioned before: Space 1999 Devil Planet episode.  See it, if you haven’t already.

Disciplinary verbals femdom
Actually, most humiliatrices are kind and gently supportive, out of session.  Just not with useless losers like you.  Asshole.

The remarkable Lexi Sindel.



Financial and physical domination
Still, on the bright side it should make sticking to her weight loss targets easier.
(The lovely Lady Heather, of course)

I think any really lasting relationship should be based on fear, don’t you?

Oh dear.  You know, in these circumstances, the gentlemanly thing to do is just let her leave.  And don’t even think of asking for your money back.

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  1. Yes I remember that German lass who was a shape shifter. She was so ultra dominant. Remember a few whispy curtains in the episode above.

    Do you remember "Star Maidens". The premise of which was that some recalcitrant males had escaped from a Female Supremacist Matriarchal planet and wanted asylum. Hah little did they know that the planet they had come to had been just the same in the distant past and will be again in the near future.


  2. Star Maidens was an excellent little show, rare and hard to find. I remember the Women had a device called the Nightmare Canon that could make men cowering abject fear, helplessness, and obedience.

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