Lots of people say that they love the post-orgasm state best of all.  I’m not sure about that.  I’ve been in a post-orgasm state since Day 2 of my marriage, and I have to say, it’s not doing a lot for me.  My wife says I should give it more time, though, and she’s usually right about these things.  And everything else.

On we go:

Beneath her femdom
I don’t know about you, but I always find I come up with a snappy answer to that sort of question just a few minutes later, when it’s really too late.

Actually, quite a lot of the boys have burn marks, in all sorts of places, so the mistake’s understandable. Still – what a nuisance, eh?

Young people have these wild enthusiasms.  When she bought it, she thought she’d be making waffles every day, but soon enough it was left in the bottom of the cupboard, forgotten and unwanted.

Women!  So forgetful.  It’s a good thing they’ve got us to look after them, isn’t it?
Contempt.  Many pro-dommes try to conceal it, but ladies – if you’re ever visited by Servitor, feel free to tell me exactly what you think of this forty seven year-old client…

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  1. I have two obsessions, one being Anne Hathaway and the other being blondes. Oh. My. God (dess). Thank you, Anonymous.

    Actually, I have lots more obsessions as well, as regular readers will know… but those are two of the most obsessive.

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