Cruel and usual punishment

Don’t you think it’s odd?  That men who say they regard women as superior, also believe that being treated like women is humiliating?  Isn’t that weird?  I mean I feel like that.  And I’m not weird.  Odd, like I said.

I don’t really believe in horoscopes anyway.  “You will visit a pro-domme, and be made to dance to k-pop wearing a pink tutu while Mistress and her friend laugh at you, and then make you eat cold courgettes with curry powder.”  I mean, it’s just generic stuff that could apply to everyone, right?

It’s a good thing we like being treated with contempt, nicht wahr?

You’d better read the whole thing through, because I’m sure she’ll have got ‘minuscule’ wrong, and she usually forgets there are two ‘p’s in ‘disappointing’.

Actually, you don’t really even have to ask.  If she hasn’t already bought it for you, you probably don’t really need it, do you? 

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  1. It's so sweet of the two ladies to ride their businessmen through an entire field of thistles and poison ivy. If it's going to be a short ride, it might as well be memorable!

  2. I thought that last picture was Ms Slide. Same lovely sadistic smile and can hear that tinkling laughter. Femsup

  3. For cheekily asking for an allowance to buy a shirt and pants, thse items have been totally banned but my mistress says she'll pick out an apron or maid's punishment uniform for me..)

  4. Oh no, you're reading too much into the situation there. Most of them have never noticed the thistles, although I understand Madames Sarka and Nicole once had a competition to see who could make a slave eat a whole thistle the fastest (it was Madame Nicole – I can tell you, Madame Sarka was really quite cross with her slave, but that's another story).

  5. Oh good. Well, I hope she doesn't leave it too long. You wouldn't want to be entirely without clothes for more than a week or two.

  6. Argh! A blog post that is misspellt! I can think of no crueler, more unusual punishment than this. Make her stop, PLEASE!

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