Spring break

Finally, Spring is here and not before time!  About this time in the very first year of my marriage, my wife shyly confessed that she’s always fancied the idea of going on spring break – a week of hedonism and sex by the sea.  I was a bit reluctant at first, but as usual, she got her way.

It’s become quite an annual routine in our marriage – and it does give me a chance to give the house a really good spring cleaning while she’s away.

Domme doesnt give a fuck
Argh!  Don’t you just know that in a few hour’s time, a really good answer to that question will just pop into your head!  But by then it’ll be much too late.  Always the way, isn’t it? This is the awesome Mistress Vixen, of course.

Die for her femdom
Well?  Come on!  As she’s made such an effort to look nice, and someone’s died horribly as a result, I think the least you can do is pay her a little compliment on her appearance?  Hmm?


Yes, femdom medical play can be a bit unimaginative.  The other day, my Significant Other broke my arm,and when I joked that this was a perfect time for medical play, I was up in the harness having a rectal examination before I knew it!  And when I said I didn’t think it was working, she broke my other arm!  Dommes, eh?  Gotta love ’em. 
(Mistresses Sidonia von Bork and Nina Birch of the English Mansion.  They might not be able to cure you, but they’ll certainly have a go.)

IN you go mistress
Brno’s not that far.  A couple of hours, at most.  It can be a bit hard to find a locksmith at the weekend, though.
Image from OWK and quite possibly Mistress Karma, although I’m not sure I could swear to that, even under torture.

Ah, the joys of summer.

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  1. Hi Servitor,

    Just called in to say I'm new here and that I love this blog so don't be put off by any rude, anonymous comments. Hope you like the comments I've made in various areas throughout the blog.I have fantasies of doing time in prison run by women so these are my favourite captions..What if I had to waera prison dress too..).

    Don't forget to give the house a good clean to impress your wife..)
    Don't forget

  2. Hello Mr X. Welcome to the blog, and thank you for this and your other comments on the site. I have indeed noticed your prolific comments, and I like them a lot. I like all comments, really (except the recent Mr A of course) but yours have contributed to and enhanced the blog. I especially liked the earlier prison story! I suspect, though, that if the ladies running your prison were truly cruel, the last thing they would let you do is wear the prison dress of your dreams…

    Hope you continue to enjoy it, and keep on responding!

  3. Thanks you, servitor>whsat a nice reply! You are right of course to other inmates, the prison uniform would be very humilating but I'd secretly enjoy wearing it..) I think I'll probably expand on the female sherrif story so hope you enjoy it!

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