Desperately seeking contempt

Sometimes it finds me.  I will be visiting my Significant Other today.  Elegant.  Cool.  Glamorous.  French.  Prepared to tolerate my existence.  I am so lucky.

They do scream therapy too.  Nor primal scream therapy. Just the ordinary sort.

Then you’ll know you’ve only another 12 due when you get home, and you can really enjoy the evening.

Bullying is wrong.  Simply wrong.  And just occasionally unspeakably sexy.

I always used to think this was a very frequent mistake, especially for non-native speakers of English.  But Miss Hunter assures me that no one makes it more than once.  I stand corrected.

2 thoughts on “Desperately seeking contempt”

  1. I have to protect Miss Hunteress, there is some mistake she never is hanging nobody. She is a very well-meaning mistress does not want to kill the men, she disciplines them only. She likes whipping with the cane the male criminals she enjoys it very much. The victims' opinion that got the cane is already different since the hits heal after eight days but yet none of them died of the beating

  2. This is my kind of blog. I agree with you about realism and fantasy. I tend to lean toward the fantasy and not worry too much about the realism.

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