The agony and the ecstasy

His and hers, that is, his and hers.

Remember kids - never play without a safeword.  Unless she really wants to.
Men can be so selfish.  There’s nothing wrong with just letting it go on until she comes, OK?

I'm tied up at the moment har de har har.
Of course, she could answer it.  She just doesn’t want to.

Femdom bitch isnt going to be too happy with this text.
It’s your own fault.  It’s a bad word, a hurtful word.  You’ll find out exactly how hurtful.

Service to the higher power.
She needn’t have worried.  Caroline was delighted, and even took Harry home with her.  They have so much to talk about.  Well, she does.

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  1. Ah, the humbler. I'm not sure who designed the first one – presumably there's an engineering lab somewhere staffed by white-coated dominatrices. I'd never seen one of these before last year but now they seem to be everywhere, as ubiquitous as the bagless vacuum cleaner.

    I guess we should be grateful for these super-efficient inventions. Shouldn't we?

  2. I would be afraid in his place not from the caning of the bottom only because the torture of balls in the humbler may be much more painful

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