Sometimes sorry is the easiest word to say

A really heartfelt “sorry”, gasped through the tears, that is.  Sometimes that will melt the harshest heart, and bring forgiveness, won’t it?  And sometimes not.

More captioned images of female domination follow, obviously.

Female domination is a journey
*”Trunk” for American viewers.  But I think you’ll agree that “boot” is a much sexier word than “trunk”.  Unless you have a fetish for elephants… Pervert.  We don’t want your kind here on this site.

Double dildo
What went up must also go down.

Ponyboy with money - whats not to like
They’re surprisingly economical to keep, too.

You can struggle if you like
But I want to be clear – you can ask her to stop if it’s getting too much, OK?  Just go right ahead and ask.

Just beg enough and perhaps she will
You won’t have to worry about money ever again?  Isn’t that great?

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  1. I love the bottom photo and caption. It reminds me of your earlier post titled "Sweetly mean". I love the fact that she is smiling sweetly while dominating her husband

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