7 secrets of a happy marriage

An exclusive preview extract from Servitor’s forthcoming self-help book.  It’s a work in progress.  At this time, I haven’t decided on the title yet.  Possibly The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective People.  But I’m also considering something more whacky like Who moved my slave? or Women are from Heaven, men are from the pet shop.

Here are the main points of the chapter on marriage, anyway.  Just seven rules (why’s it always seven?).

1.  Listen.
Listen, listen, listen. Is it really so hard?

2.  Don’t let resentments build up.
If your partner has done something wrong, let them know and discuss it straight away.
3.  Respect your partner’s old friendships.
Marriage shouldn’t mean losing those other important relationships
4.  Set aside some time every week just to talk.
Make sure it’s a time when neither of you are rushed, when you can just take as long as you need for your relationship.
5.  Find some common interests.
Maybe an activity in which you can both take part, preferably outside the house.

6.  Don’t be afraid to insist on being apart at times
It’s OK to close the door and have some space for yourself for a change.
7.  Every day, do one thing to show your partner what you think of them.
Sure, talking’s important but sometimes your actions will show how much respect and love you have more eloquently than any words.

…and….because marriage isn’t all about rules (though my favoured type of marriage is mostly about rules), here’s an extra one:

8.  Make sure you are confident of your partner’s fidelity.
Nothing destroys a marriage quicker than suspicion.  Your partner loves you – so find ways to let him show you he is true.

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  1. Good to be back.

    What luck. Just yesterday, I was looking for your site (to steal pictures…) and I couldn't remember the name, and I was Googling tumblr +femdom +"The look"…and I couldn't find it and ended up at Bootblack's place again…which is great but isn't quite so attuned to my tastes…and now here you are. Now how's that for serendipity or synchronicity? Or coincidence, to be humdrum.

    Love your site. Love "The Look". It's all about the look. And the smiles. It's all about them too.

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