Rendering homage

Wife is a bit of an exhibitionist and you're the exhibition
Don’t worry.  You can just laugh it all off when you see them all tomorrow at the office.

Even streetwalkers have standards
Actually, it’s not as bad as that.  After much pleading, she consented to let Andrew pay to be on the same pavement as her for five minutes, and she even left him with enough money for bus fare home.  Heart of gold.

femdom sister inherits a slave
I think she’ll soon get the hang of it, don’t you?

No respect for dominated submissive and none deserved
Honesty is very important in a relationship.  Many marriages are just a sham, with no real emotional bond.  That’s genuine contempt she’s showing there, and she means it wholeheartedly.

Slave maid scrubs and gets a sore neck
Actually, he doesn’t know it yet but much worse things are going to happen to him in the future.  The decisions about the brush gag are numbers seven and eight, tops. 

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  1. Could anyone please tell me where the pic of the male in a maid’s uniform being used as an ashtray is originally from…. I’d really appreciate it!

  2. I am afraid I don't. From Tumblr, probably, but after that who knows? Anyway, can't find pictures like that on Tumblr these days!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting – sorry I coul;dn't be of more help.


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