An interesting word I found recently, that means pretty much what you’d expect it to mean really.  And it’s very, very much what this blog is all about.

femdom bride imposes some vows
Mostly “love, honour and obey” covers it, but she has expanded the “obey” part, providing a bit more detail.  Well – quite a lot more, actually.

Washing her husbands mouth out with soap
I’d tell you what the word was, but I’m nearly out of soap myself.

Totalitarian femdom
Always an optimist, that Orwell.

Femdom party entertainment
Not that it did Fred any good in the long run.

When testicles are negotiable
Men can be so unreasonable.  Alice accepted the compromise after only a few hours discussion.  She’s not happy, but she’s prepared to accept it.

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  1. I have written about the "delicious" subject of mouth soaping in "The Wonderful World Of Female Supremacy" seen at the panel at right an excellent resource for the lovers of and practitioners of Female Supremacy. Not quite Femdup. Its a nice invasive punishment that does not rely on brute force or pain. Just discomfort.

    I like how the 3 lasses have their legs crossed and are squeezing their hot pussies whilst they watch the male hang by his balls. Or not if given a little time. Ironically their genitalia will be hot whereas the males may soon be cold lying on the floor. Femsup

  2. Goodness, Femsup, you've been digging around in the archives a bit. 2011 was the year this blog started. It was all in black and white in those days and you had to wait for the Web page to warm up, before you could see the porn. This version has been digitally enhanced, and the humour brought down to today's lower standards too. And all the pictures had to be captioned by hand – it's all handled by an algorithm nowadays, of course.

    I completely agree about Thomas Lavalle's lovely blog, I just wish he'd post more often. And I enjoyed seeing your comment there too. Mouthsoaping is something I myself have several times experienced and I love it (at the time… the effects do hang around a bit after the session, I'll admit).

    Thanks for commenting, as ever. You realise that no one other than us will ever read this exchange?


  3. The consistently high quality of your stories,pictures and captions have few equals. Your hunoru is much appreciated in this household. Femsup

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