Unforced labour

Actually humane killing is the best thing that ever happens to an OWK pony slave
They were so distracted they shot the wrong one first time – a perfectly healthy human pony.  Madame Sarka was cross, as I expect you can imagine.

When your wife puts you in a ball gag theres only one thing to say
Mmmphh pppmmpphh arvvnnnng ggrgh!

Femdom wife submissive husband and two forms of healthy exercise
The exericse bike is good for his legs, carrying the concrete block around is good for his arms and getting the cane is good for his obedience.

Beautiful dominatrices
If you like, you can pace about nervously.  The time’ll go quicker than you think – you’ll see.

Leather dress high heels whats not to like
She hasn’t looked round, either.  Don’t worry.  She knows you’ll be there.

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