Reasons to be cheerful

Part 3.

Anne illustrates the party escort submission position.
Ah, the divine Miss Hathaway.  Think of her when you’re being pumped from both ends, and it won’t seem so bad.

Obedience is recommended
You could try disobeying, if it’s something really horrible that she wants.  I mean, what’s the worst thing that could happen if you do?

The cane awaits
Miss Woods.  She’s got plenty of time.  And there are still another nine questions to go.

Femdom wife does not want to know
Maybe she’ll let you explain afterwards, if you’re capable of coherent speech.

Bondage means not worrying about whether he'll leave you alone
Did you notice it’s Christmas?  I expect she’ll enjoy unwrapping him in the morning.  Or the afternoon.,  Whenever she gets round to it, anyway.

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