No, not love, she said. Don’t you know that it’s different for girls?


So, with apologies to anyone who doesn’t share my Anne Hathaway obsession (I’ll run out of pictures or get stopped by her lawyers at some point, but not yet, please lord, not yet).  On with the show.

No, not love, she said.
Can’t or won’t.

Wakey wakey
Don’t worry, you won’t be conscious for all that long.

Domestic servitude means never having to say she's sorry
Well, granted you’ve spent much of your life and will probably spend most of your retirement in mind-numbingly tedious drudgery.  But on the plus side, you’re really good at pleats.

Leather clad domina puts man into a cage oh my!
Curiously, though, he will be getting the pain and humiliation you might expect in such a scene.  Just not quite in the way he was expecting.

She knows how to per you up.
She’ll be giving you a bit of a scolding while you’re writhing in agony on the ground, too.  Psychotic, but fair.

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