Sweet dreams are made of this

So who am I to disagree?

Be enslaved in those eyes
Its worth the pain, for the look.  Don’t you think?

Captioned image POV and what a POV
But it was kind of her to let you plead and beg for so long.

I’d tell you what that is, but I’m afraid I haven’t seen him for a while, so I just don’t know.  Gentle sensuous massage, do you think?

You could try asking babelfish
Better do as she says, you know.

Up you go then
It’s important to talk things through.  She can explain why she’s so disappointed with you, and you can explain how very sorry you are. 

0 thoughts on “Sweet dreams are made of this”

  1. thank you for uploading a caption in Japanese.

    For the reader who don't know Japanese, I translated it.

    'On your knees!

    Lick my boots!


    I like this very much.

  2. Thank you. I myself speak no Japanese at all and I am actually very impressed that Babelfish managed to translate it accurately. Too often these machine translators just produce gibberish.

    Of course, the impact of the caption is slightly different for a Japanese speaker! For the rest of us, the point is that we have no idea what she is saying but she obviously wants us to do something and is becoming increasingly irritated that we do not.

    I'm glad you like it, and I like and frequently visit your site.

    All the best.


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