Late submission

…and I apologise for how little homework I have been handing in lately.  The next couple of weeks should be a bit better…

Blonde dominatrix with nipple clamps - whats not to like?
Once again, I recommend the site named there.  She is simply stunning, and for once the voice matches the cold icy beauty.

Femdom caption in reclining elegance
What, you want her to do all the work?  Swing that whip, you lazy sod.
Mars and Venus, Venus and Mars, y’know?  You can’t expect her to be interested in the things you’re interested in all the time, OK?


The slaves went in for their caning two by two
The two times table actually goes up quite high, I understand.  Might be a good idea to bend over into those stocks.

Dominatrix wife sells hubbie into slavery goodness me how awful that would be
She didn’t get much for him, but then with all his worldly wealth, she didn’t really need it anyway, did she?


Slaveskin boots oh my
You can’t tell, but the left boot is actually made from a different slave from the right one.  But you can see, they have been cured and polished to a perfectly matched finish.  Craftsmanship, that’s what that is.

The man in the picture is going to become a red miniskirt, by the way. 

Something old something new and twelve strokes of the cane for disobedience
You know, it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding. Especially when she’s a pissed-off female supremacist.  Or is that good luck?

It takes rather a brave slave to forget Mistresses birthday
This is actually scarily autobiographical just at the moment.  How fast does Amazon deliver?

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  1. That first image is Mistress Eleise. I have some of her videos from the English Mansion posted.

    Yes, she has a deliciously accented voice and cool, aloof demeanor.


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