Delusions of adequacy

…but fortunately I have the privilege of an occasional visit to a Significant Other to cure me of any such mistaken ideas.  

A whip can concentrate the mind splendidly
Ooohhh…Errr.  Ending 9734…Mistress!  No, no!  Sorry. That’s the old one.  Errr 8642!  Oh please Mistress, if I can only think for one minute….

Does anyone mind if I use the phrase 'whipped into shape'?
It’s called the ‘Fat disgusting pig’ programme, if you want to look it up.

Strict instructions from your wife
Of course, your wife isn’t completely beyond telephone contact.  But it’s not worth disturbing her over a little thing like yours…sorry, I mean a little thing like this.

Coming out as straight
Still, maybe she’ll stop hiding you in the cupboard when her boyfriend comes round, now.


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