The power and the glory

…of images of divine female authority.  What this blog here, run by this boy here, is all about.

Femdom rests feet on captive male and does some useful work on the computer
And I understand Dell are bringing out a ‘slavetop’ range of computers, for the real power users.

Femdom wife makes the position on sex quite clear
I think that it’s important that men and women talk about things like this.  He’s talked to her quite openly about his sexual frustrations, she’s told him quite openly he’s never having sex again.  There we are – all done.  Now that’s a marriage that will last.  Because they talk, you see?

Dominatrix with tattooed men thinks they look a bit stupid
She’s incorrigible, though.  There are three more waiting upstairs, as she has ambitious plans for a triptych.  I suggested she should develop her drawing skills on paper first, but she just beat the crap out of me and chained me to the drainpipe for three weeks.  Women, eh?

Femdom wife finds a good whipping works wonders
Curiously, Mike’s horoscope had said “Your wife will bind your arms and legs tightly together and whip your blindfolded naked body until you’re screaming for forgiveness.”  Astrology – there’s more in it than you think.

Femdom refuses to discuss it until you are in a proper state of mind
It’s just that it’s best to be in the proper frame of mind for this sort of discussion.  And face facts, you’re only really in that right frame of mind when you’ve just had a good hard beating.  Am I right?

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  1. The arrangement in that top picture looks like a fantastic stress reliever. We've all experienced that feeling of wanting to throw a computer across the room, but there's no need for that young lady to go beyond stamping her foot.

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