If your idea of oral sex is a good scolding…

…then you might enjoy these, y’know, captioned images of female domination.

Captioned image of wife about to zap you again...
OK, OK I’ve used this picture before.  But I just think it’s lovely…

Captioned femdom image of your din dins now with added marrowbone
Of course she won’t treat you exactly like a dog, that would be ridiculous.  For example, she would never use a shock collar on a dog.  It’s cruel, you see.

Captioned image of OWK ladies with a lucky slave
It would be terribly frustrating to be both a bondage addict and a talented escape artist, don’t you think?  Oh damn – I’m out again…

captioned image of femdom wife and a net nanny
I don’t want a net nanny programme, what I really want is a net governess.  Ouch!

Captioned image of frustrated dominatrices
Actually, health and safety personnel are unfairly maligned, as in fact they… oh what am I talking about?  Beat them until they scream for mercy, I say.

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  1. The ladies are fair and disciplined persons they obey the rules during the correction of a guy. I am not sure whether they were not forgotten the number of the given hits under the waiting time. In this case they will start afresh the caning because of the avoidance of a mistake. They are very conscientious and reliable in the execution of the male corporal punishment.

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