Fiction: Misappliance of science part 2 (of 2!)

The story so far: a group of schoolgirls are on a guided tour of  FEMDOM (Faculty of Experimental Methodologies for Disciplining and Oppressing Males).  We’ve seen new developments in the design of whips, in storage of the male slave…we’ve even had a little lecture on evolution.  It’s an educational trip, so – Mary – what have we learnt so far? Hmmm?

OK, well according to Mary it’s all been, like, reeeely boring sciency stuff but she thought the new whips were lush.  So there you go.  Sigh.  On with the tour: 

And in fact…let’s just see if Dr Collins is in her lab… Ah, Dr Collins?  Would you mind at all if we…?  Thank you so much, only we were just talking about males adapting naturally to a lifestyle on all fours, and I thought I might show the girls some of your marvelous work in this area.  You see, girls?  Evolution is a very slow process – even with vigorous culling of males every generation to weed out the ones we particularly don’t like, it could take thousands of years to breed back to their proper four-legged form.  So with modern scientific methods, Dr Collins and her team are helping the process along a little.  Isn’t that right Dr Collins?
They started with some simple adaptations: pads on knees, slightly longer arms, and fingers growing together to form a fleshy pad.  But now they’ve really branched out and are experimenting with all sorts of shapes.  Now where is…ah – this is my favourite.  Here – take hold of the whip and give his buttocks a little flick.  Isn’t that clip-clopping sound as he runs around just delightful?  And unlike real horses, they still have feeling in the tips of their hooves, so shoeing them is an absolute scream!

Quiet, non-polluting and cheap to run.  What is not to like?

Ah – I can see you’re wondering what this stubby thing down here is.  This is a product that is actually going on sale quite soon, isn’t that right Dr Collins?  It’s a very simple idea.  I am sure we have all been frustrated when slaves mess up position 6.  Vigorous whipping will usually sort the problem out, but it happens mainly because males are just a bit badly designed to be tables.  Most males’ arms are that much longer than their upper legs, so when they get into position they slope, until taught otherwise.  This one needs no teaching: look you could lay a spirit level on that back and it wouldn’t be tipped at all.  And the elimination of knee and ankle joints makes it less likely to buckle.  Of course, the downside is that it can’t do any of the other positions – or move – so it can’t really be used as much other than a table.  But it would make a fine addition to any living room, I think you’ll agree.
On we go.
Gather round now girls, while my assistant here whips this male up onto a platform.  Now, can you all see its penis?  Look closely.  Yes, it is there.  Can anyone…yes, that’s right.  This male was born with a penis just three millimeters in length!  Now that’s quite fun in itself, but it’s not the clever bit.  Here, while my assistant secures him tightly to the frame, can one of you take this spiked metal thing from me and – that’s right, you’ve got the idea – just give him a little prod right where that tiny thing is.  Ooops, try again – it is a little hard to hit it at first, as it’s so very small, but – Ah – there!  You got it.  Now, did you all see what happened?  She didn’t spike him hard did she – just a little poke?  But what a lovely scream!  And look at that face, hear that gasping.  It’s as if he’s just had a half-hour whipping, isn’t it?
The trick is in the way the little penis develops.  It’s just a few millimeters long, but it has just as many pain receptors as a normal one.  So, inside that tiny little fold of flesh, there are over a million pain receptors, all funneling into a giant bundle of nerves leading straight up into his brain.  So that when I – excuse me, if I can just…poke it – well, if you can hear me over the shrieking, I think you can see the point!  And you can flick it, and squeeze it and of course You can slap it and you can zap it and everything else You might like – and everything is magnified several thousand-fold.
Complicated sciencey stuff.  You have to study hard to be able to hit the male in exactly the right way.

They need careful bringing up, because of course if you just start inflicting this much pain on a male straight away, he’s liable to die of shock and that’s no good.  But they’ve been gradually increasing the treatment ever since early adolescence on this one, and as you can see, I can just tweak and flick and jab and jab and jab all I like and…well, he’s passed out now.  But he’s still alive, so that’s all right – no harm done.

Great fun as a novelty item, and who knows- one day maybe all males will be like that.  On we go.  Goodness, wasn’t that noisy?

The Dreadmill®
Ah, the psychological section.  We can whip their bodies to a perfection of agony…but to really get under their skins we need to mess with their minds.  Yes, I do know you can flay the skin off, thank you Nancy.  I was speaking metaphorically.  Now I’ve lost my train of thought.  Where – ah yes.  Come this way.
Now – who knows what a phobia is?  That’s right.  It’s very odd, but even in today’s world, in which males have much to be frightened of, the irrational fear from a phobia can be stronger than the entirely sensible fear of an Owner’s displeasure.  The male mind is a strange, and rather broken, little thing.  Come over here and sit on these wooden boxes – I have a story to tell you.  Is everyone sitting down?  I know, it’s a little uncomfortable, we really ought to see about getting some cushions put in this room.  But we’re OK for now, aren’t we?
Well, about fifteen years ago, FEMDOM scientists found that phobias can be induced.  They took some of the work that had been done back in the bad old days when males were running free, and turned it around.  Hypnotherapy and aversion therapy had developed some techniques for allowing people to control their phobias.  With some adaptation, the same techniques could be turned round and phobias could be heightened.  Do you see?  So a male with a mild irrational fear of something could have it ramped up to the point where he becomes a gibbering wreck of fear.  Isn’t that lovely?
Who knows what the word ‘claustrophobia’ means?  That’s right.  Now I want you each to have a very close look at the wooden box you’re sitting on.  You see the air holes?  Bend down and have a listen.  If you can’t hear anything at first, try whispering “Would you like me to let you out”.  Hmmm?  Everyone hear something?  That’s right – whimpering, and frantic whispered begging.  You are each sitting on a highly claustrophic male, a fully-grown adult, all packed up into a ball and squeezed into a little box.  They are in a constant cold sweat of terror – it’s remarkable, unlike repeated exposure through aversion therapy, they don’t seem to adapt to the constant confinement at all.  They’re as terrified now as the day they first saw the open boxes waiting to receive them.  We had some struggles with them then, I can tell you!
The odd thing is that we can only induce ‘traditional’ phobias.  In a separate facility on the ninth floor, there are some males who are terrified of heights, for example.  And just over there, in that glass box – well it’s hard to see inside, but you can hear the screaming and those of you who aren’t the least bit arachnophobic might want to try to peer through the cobwebs.  Rather you than me, I must say – they give me the creeps.  We can induce any existing phobia.  But we can’t just make boys phobic about anything we like.  Not yet, anyway – but that’s what we’re working on now. 
Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  Imagine having a male with a crushing phobia about some ordinary household item – your keys, perhaps, or a spoon, and you could just produce it from your pocket whenever you wanted.  Or a phobia about a word – say ‘bananas!’ and they collapse in terror.  Such fun.  But what we’re really working on is trying to induce a phobia to a specific person.  Wouldn’t that be something?  Imagine owning a male whose greatest fear, above everything in the world, is…you.
We’ll get there eventually.  Isn’t scientific progress wonderful?
There’s so much more in our psychology section too.  I’d love to show you the male maids who’ve been induced with obsessive compulsive disorder so they just have to keep on cleaning!  But we must press on – it’s time to see how FEMDOM is doing good deeds all around the world.  Follow me – but don’t forget to say goodbye to your boxed males first, to make sure they know you’re leaving.  They’re terrified of being abandoned!

Did you know that the Faculty gets through over ten miles of duct tape each year?  Amazing but true.  Useful stuff, duct tape.

Powerstump 4000®
Gather round me, please girls.  Now of course, these days we all need to be concerned about the environment.  Millennia of male rule have resulted in severe damage to this planet of ours.  Things are better than they were, but we shouldn’t just concentrate on retribution for the male race.  Their collective punishment for the destruction is important, and it’s something we can all help with.  It will take centuries at least until they have suffered enough for what was done, so every little helps.  But environmentalism is about more than whipping boys with organically farmed birch twigs: it’s about repairing the damage they’ve done, and safeguarding the future as well.
I expect you’re too young, but I can just remember how bad things had become before the revolution brought sense back to the relationship between the sexes.  Most goods used to go by lorry – imagine!  What’s that?  No, Dorothy, the lorries had internal combustion engines using diesel.  Filthy stuff.  Well, you see those were more primitive times: they didn’t have slave-power in those days.  I know, it’s hard to imagine.  You still see a few lorries actually, although now of course they have modern propulsion units, sometimes all chained together in teams of up to thirty.  But the reopening of the canals was the biggest step forward.  It’s so lovely to watch a full barge moving serenely through the English countryside, with no foul fumes or spluttering motor: just the sound of the water slapping against the side, the flick and crack of the whips, and the gasps of the slaves on the tow-path.
And the clean energy revolution continues!  Slaves are the ultimate renewable power source: break one, it can be broken up and returned to the soil, to grow crops to feed more slaves.  Modern researchers are finding that slave power plants can be used in all sorts of activities where previously they were thought too cumbersome to operate.  This, for example, is our latest miniaturized power plant – just three feet high.  By removing the legs at just the right point, we achieve just the right balance of weight and motive power.  Cut too low down and the slave is just too big to fit into the engine.  Too high up and his little stumps don’t move fast enough to turn the driveshaft.  But if you chop them off in just the right place, you have a compact power unit that you can pack up and use anywhere.
You might yawn, Eliza, but I can tell you – this little device saves lives.  Emergency relief organizations are queuing up to buy them to deploy in disaster areas, or aid agencies to install them in the Third World.  Sometimes, we at FEMDOM like to know that our products are serving a humanitarian purpose.  Every time I see a discarded pair of legs cut to just the right point, I know that someone somewhere has a chance of a better life.  It’s inspiring.
Then there’s heavy metal pollution to think about too.  No, I’m not talking about those disgraceful bands that play such awful loud music and dismember males live on stage.  No – in the soil and in the plants, there are heavy metal residues from the primitive use of industrial machinery.  Left untended, they can become concentrated further up the food chain as plants draw up their nutrients, eventually harming birds and animals.  We breed slaves with a particular affinity for various metal compounds.  When they eat the soil – like this, you can see here some contaminated soil being forced into this one’s throat (for some reason we can’t overcome the gagging reflex and anyway it’s amusing to watch) – the heavy metal compounds are extracted, and collect in their own bodies, where they can’t damage anyone.  Well, no one who matters.  Eventually they cause the collapse of one more other major organs, we dispose of the dead or dying slave in a furnace, and the resulting contaminated ash is encased in glass and permanently removed from the environment.
And so we have reached the end of this little tour.  Thank you – thank you very much.  I enjoyed it too.  I hope you found it fun – but I hope you learned some things too.  Here at FEMDOM, we’re trying to create the future: to make the world a better place, ever more fun and more comfortable for women all over the world, and ever more painful and unpleasant for males.
But really, it’s you that are the future and we never forget that.   The sweet, sadistic young girl looking wide-eyed at some of our toys here today might become the brilliant scientist who invents new ways of inflicting agony for the benefit of all womankind.  There are things we can do to males today that would have been inconceivable just ten years ago.  I’m confident that boys born today can look forward to a future more hellish than any of us can now imagine.  And it’ll be your generation who creates that future.
FEMDOM – We have seen the future.  And it hurts.
That concludes the tour.  If you have a male with you that you would like personalized as a memento of your visit, just bring it to the apparatus over there where the irons are already hot.  Or you could buy one of our customized males, to take home with you.  The gift shop is to your right.  Feel free to try out any of the products, but remember our strict rule: you break him, you buy him.
I hope to see you all again very soon.

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