Faith, hope and chastity

…and the best of these is chastity. Here we go again:

Gets floors really clean just eight hours after going to work
Look at the shine on that floor!  It only took him eight hours, too.

One of numerous reasons for sissy slaves to bend over
Always read the label.  “Caution: contains pervert”

Minty fresh, with a slight hint of saliva
You can’t see it in this still photo, but she doesn’t even aim.  Just spits in his general direction and it’s up to him to catch with the funnel.  He’s quite good at it, now.

Men can make good pets - but keep them out of the office
At least she doesn’t bring any of that smelly dogfood in.  Gives him a big bowlful before coming out, and that has to last him until the evening.

A lady A whip Whats left to say
Of course, she realises you have limits.  Every man has a point beyond which a beating becomes unendurable. She doesn’t need to give you a safeword – she can just tell.  And that’s when it really begins.

More of those alpha schoolgirls
I’m sure it’ll be all right.  Just ask them calmly to step aside.  What could they do to you?

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