Holy orders

..which shall be obeyed without question.

But is he willing to spend the whole night on his knees scrubbing the floor after a party, so it’s all lovely and clean when Mistress wakes up?  He is?  Damn.

The chap in the gas mask there should just thank his lucky stars that she hasn’t got one that goes up to eleven.

I don’t want you to get the impression that they simply beat him until he he gave in.  There was an element of that, obviously, but they also showed him that his assertion that the kebabs ‘tasted like dogfood’ was actually factually incorrect, after which he was of course eager to make amends in any way.

It’s not often appreciated how hard life can be for a lady looking like this, as she finds everwhere that men (and quite a few women) react to her in a sexual way.  I am glad to make clear that this blog supports no such sexist ideas.  Not that I’m in favour of equality between the sexes, you understand.  Actually, I can’t abide men’s lib.

He knows, because he’s tried several times and although you can’t see them from this angle, that baldy head has two lovely bar-shaped bruises on it to prove it.

Some people assume that being made to eat the food in the OWK prison is a punishment.  Over the course of several days without, they come to realise they were wrong.

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