Full of grace

(well, aren’t they?)

Dominatrices in prison cell give you directions
Probbaly best to thank them for the directions, and apologise for taking their time.  Politely.  Very politely indeed.

Captioned image of sexy female soldier making you strip
There’s something particularly erotic about a woman who is actually allowed to shoot you, don’t you think?

A Slovakian, a Slovenian and a Slavonian walk into a bar...
I’m sure that humour can help to decrease tensions in all sorts of social situations.  Just not this one.

Hey – here’s one.  What do you call a sissy with one ankle tied up to ‘her’ balls?  Eileen!

Thank you, thank you.  I’ll be here all week.

Caption femdom daughter likes her privacy
You want to respect her privacy, and let her find her own way of growing up.  But you have to say something.  That miniskirt is way too short!
You should be grateful.  Many men never get any fellatio.   

One thought on “Full of grace”

  1. "ma'am, thank you ma'am-this inmate will be sure to report for duty exactly on time tomorrow"

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