Complex inferiority

Domme finds man in woods helps him
If they don’t get watered they wither and die quite quickly, I understand

The cane hurts more the second time around
One of those days when nothing goes right… we’ve all had them.  The best thing to do when it’s all over is go to bed, lie gingerly on your front and just sob yourself to sleep as the welts throb with pain.  That’s what I usually do, anyway.

Hold very still
An easy misunderstanding to make.  Possibly you wouldn’t have let her tie you to this chair with your legs apart if you’d heard correctly – but, hey, c’est la vie, right?

Very excellent website with a free trailer for every one of the many many videos.  And isn’t she simply stunning?  Sorry – haven’t got anything more amusing to say than that.  Just…wow.  Where’s she been all my life? (well, growing up, presumably).

Luckily you have two scrubbing brushes, one for each hand.  Isn’t that nice?

Femdom laughs but the joke will soon be on her
Oh, what a sexy scene will play out here!  You’ll repeat your claim, then she’ll giggle and make a playful grab for your trousers, and a hilarious, sexy struggle will ensue until finally you both fall on the bed, and she tugs your trousers off to reveal your full glory and then…well it’s up to you.  You’re out on the landing with no trousers and the door slammed behind you.  Wait there for morning or scurry off home? (Yes, it’s another one of those dates…but we’ve all been there, right? Right?  Oh, OK, maybe it’s just me.)

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