Can’t get it up as often as I used to

Well, I have a new job that I probably need to take a bit more seriously than the old job, so I think the rate of posting (and the creation rate of new foolishness) will have to fall. I expect to be updating a couple of times a week from now on, instead of the daily service you have come to expect.

It’s going to be hard to get out of the habit, and if any lady readers have any tips, tricks and ideas on how my pervy thoughts could possibly be restrained and repressed for much of the week, any slips corrected and my attention kept firmly on my work, I’d love to hear them.

Oops…was that a stray pervy thought, right there?

Three dominatrices and a very sorry Dave
They each have a key, and the cage doesn’t open unless all three locks are released.  Their meetings were such fun at first, but they’re losing interest now and it’s rare for the three to get together more than once or twice a year.

Captioned image of a spanking bride
She’s got nothing to worry about.  Her mother left a little gift for her that she’ll discover on her wedding night – a simple little thing but it should make Alan shriek and beg in just the way he should. 

Dominatrix applies a second coat of welts
She tried to find out who it was had already started on her slave, but unfortunately the slave’s head is tied to the wall so he didn’t see.  Could have been any one of a number of women…

Femdom wife keeps you in for a spanking
It’s just for today, though.  She’s told Phil you can definitely join them tomorrow evening, so they’ll all be waiting for you and they’ll probably want to hear all about how it went.  That’s something to look forward to, isn’t it?

Femdom doesnt believe in getting too friendly with her slaves
It’s a good idea not to get too friendly with slaves anyway, as it can be heartbreaking when you have to gte rid of them to make way for new, younger specimens.

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  1. I love the wedding themed photo. I love the idea of a female supremacist themed wedding ceremony or bachelorette party[with the groom serving as a naked waiter/servant while the bride and her girlfriends undress male strippers]. Where the bride symbolically "conquers" her husband and her higher staus is emphasised

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