I worship her divine shadow

I am sorry to disappoint any Googlers seeking Lexx-related material after that title…I just thought it fitting for the theme of my blog.  But admirers of Xev, or Zev are really quite likely to enjoy what they find here.

And anyone who does like the material in this blog, who has no idea what I am talking about, has somehow missed out on the perviest science fiction TV show ever, and really needs to go and have a look.  Especially this episode.

Anyway, that’s that and now this is this:

Captioned image of femdom who gives but does not receive
She doesn’t actually approve of corporal punishment.  But she finds it does get the dishes washed and the clothes ironed, so she is prepared to make an exception in your case.

Femdom heroine returns and wants her boots licked clean
And when she gets you home, I hope you’ll be doing your patriotic duty and helping to take away all that built-up tension and aggression.  Just bend over and think of England.

Femdom stepsister puts a strap to good use
I’ve heard that Nicole will shortly be getting married.  It does mean she’ll have less time for Vincent, as she’ll have a husband to look after, a husband who she feels will need a lot of attention at first.  But she has a friend who is taking a great interest in Vincent, so who knows, perhaps the wedding bells will be ringing for two rosy-cheeked bridegrooms?

Raouls back bigger and badder thane ever
Makes a change from buying tampons, I suppose.

0 thoughts on “I worship her divine shadow”

  1. It's me making sure the wedding bells will be ringing for two rosy-cheeked bridegrooms and
    there will be blush stripes on their bottoms after the bridal night too.

  2. The bottom photo and caption is one of your very best!!! I love the way she is gently and sweetly ordering her husband around.And how she is casual about the cuckolding.The idea of a cute and adorable barefoot woman ordering her husband about and cuckolding him is fantastic!

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