Spankable moments

She will drink dairy milk at a pinch, but it saddens her to think of the cruety to animals it involves.
More and more businesses are setting up dedicated DS service units, because the improvement in male worker productivity is so evident. Skilled practitioners like Julie are therefore much in demand, but businesses can keep their dommes’ salaries to a manageable level by turning a blind eye to a bit of findomming senior male executives on the side.
This was much more practical than the later craze for ‘add ten lashes and pass the challenge on’ which quickly got out of hand.
She’s willing to listen, at least to the first two… maybe two and half sentences?
Poor thing. That’s the third boy being whipped as a result of her actions that she’s had to witness this term. She must feel awful.

The wonderful lady playing the schoolmistress here goes by the name Lady Tamara Kenworthy in the material that’s appropriate for the likes of us sub males to view (Samantha Alexandra when not, but you didn’t hear that from me). Tragically, she no longer does sessions with clients (if she ever did), as far as I can see, or I would be scurrying to her door as fast as my hands and knees could carry me. I can’t blame her, though – I wouldn’t want to meet me in person either. But it would be so nice to be blamed by her… for anything really. Sigh…

Sounds like a sensible way to resolve this. Just imagine… a similar dispute between two males could easily have ended in violence. It’s because women have more empathy.

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  1. But darlings, castration is a community service. Share the privilege of cleaning up society, one testicle at a time.

    1. That’s right. There is a reason Americans sometimes refer to male genitalia as ‘junk’. Let’s take out the trash!

      Best wishes


  2. ”Honey, what is the matter? Have you been crying? I really don’t have time for this in the morning. I need to catch a train into town. Tell me what happened?”

    Max, my sissy slave husband had a call on his cell from his brother, Archie. He is a Surgeon, on vacation from New Zealand for a month, and he had some tickets to go to the cinema to see the latest action movie ‘Polite Society’.

    It’s about an aspiring stuntwoman who’s determined to save her older sister from marrying into the “perfect” family and is full of epic fight scenes and comments on modern dating.

    Why is Max so upset. Sounds kind of his brother to think of him when his latest date let him down.

    ”I knew you wouldn’t let me see such a ‘male’ movie, ma’am. When I told Archie he mocked me and called me a sissy wimp.”

    ”Aww poor baby. I will speak to Archie, it is not fair to expect you to see a film like that. You wouldn’t ‘get it’ now would you. Good boy, dry your eyes, your mascara will run. I will suggest a nice ‘rom com’ OK?”

    I had to go off to work, over coffee I told my PA, Emily, what had happened. She is very sympathetic and is very good with Max. He is a wimp, a sissy, a beta male,but he is also loyal and kind and tries his very best to be a good sissy.

    ”Do you let Max go to the cinema? I suppose you take him to matinee showings, huh?”

    I don’t really take Max out much. I see him every day and I need to keep strict discipline, a treat like the cinema could send all the wrong messages to the poor lamb.

    I rang Archie and asked him to apologise to dear Max. After all it is not his fault that I wouldn’t allow such an outing for Max.

    He is so influenced he could come home and try to be an ‘alpha’ type man. That would result in a severe caning,which is not what I want.

    I don’t think Archie understood at all, but he agreed to speak to Max and be kinder.

    I told him I would agree to a ‘Bollywood’ movie or a ‘rom com’, but he needs to get my OK.

    Archie agreed, and so next week, when I am away in Edinburgh on a conference, he will take Max to see ‘Rye Lane’ with his girlfriend, Leah.

    Max hasn’t cried for weeks, he is such a good sissy.


    1. OMG. Definitely spankings and/or canning to prevent alpha male-~ism in your sissy. You deserve service from him. . And if you want, you can order up an alpha male to serve you; it’s entirely your call. Pussy dominates, dear Zoe. Enjoy male servitude to you. You call the shots.

    2. Thank you, Ms Zoe. It’s best that sissies don’t get over-excited. Except in blind panic and terror, obviously – that’s different.

      Best wishes


  3. It would be really an interesting educational idea.
    Every girl can choose a boy, to be punished,instead of her.
    She can choose any boy, and the boy don’t need to know which girl, or girls, have chosen him, except of course if she wants to inform him.

    1. Exactly. It communicates the important disciplinary message to the errant girl and no one important has to get hurt. Indeed, it can even make learning important lessons fun for the girls too.

      Best wishes


  4. Caption 4: “She’s willing to listen, at least to the first two… maybe two and half sentences?”

    That’s all he should need to explain tardiness. If he explains it clearly, and keeps it brief, and it sounds plausible, without him fumbling over his words, maybe she’ll provide leniency. Maybe he can avoid a beating. I gave him a story to tell. He just needs to deliver. Good luck.

    1. Yes… yes, that’s worth a try. She’ll happily listen to an explanation and as long as there’s a good reason, I’m sure she’ll be lenient. Oddly, though, the ‘good reason’ required for an explanation to be accepted usually has to be a lot more cogent than the ‘good reason’ she might cite in the phrase ‘You’re being punished for a good reason.’ Women are complicated… bless ’em. And we males are very simple.

      Best wishes


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