She builds you up just to put you down

What a clown.

How very inconsiderate.
Funny how often that happens. It’s as if the spinner’s drawn to that outcome.
I discovered very early on in my dating career that the secret to really satisfying a woman sexually is to make sure she never meets me.
She has a similar approach to the men in her life – she likes them hungry, but not actually starving to death, or at least not too quickly.
She likes to feel a big cock inside her, so why can’t you?
Remarkably, AFM won a Pulitzer back in 1957 but its editorial standards have slipped a little since.

22 thoughts on “She builds you up just to put you down”

  1. Happy New Year!!

    I spent the new year in Gynarchy City. I went on a short break on my own, to visit family and friends. I love the Gynarchy in January, with all the Camelia out and the fruit trees in pink blossom. I arranged for my sister to stay at my house and cucksit my sissy husband, Max.

    He was such a good boy over Christmas, lovely boy.

    I stayed with my mother’s younger sister, Amelia, my aunt. Her slave is getting old now, but was attentive and obedient.
    Amelia is a businesswoman of much fame who owns and manages a group of companies called ‘The Lemon Tree Group’. There are manufacturing companies, property companies and even agricultural companies in the group.

    As I was sitting on the large patio area one morning, having my breakfast after Amelia left for the office, her sissy slave, Martin, came and knelt by my side. He is now in his late fifties, but still a good boy and I allowed him to stay for a while.

    He was facing in the same direction as I was and I stroked his long hair and said how ‘good’ he was. He isn’t allowed to speak without permission, so he nodded politely.

    I noticed there were red marks on his back from a previous whipping. I wondered what he had done. Maybe he was naughty in some way, or maybe Amelia felt the need to impose her will on him.

    After a while I went and had a shower and headed into town to meet with a few of my school friends for coffee and catch-up. They are all successful in their careers and we had fun talking about our lives.

    The girls were interested in life in the UK with Max. How it worked to live the gynarchy lifestyle in a western free,liberal democracy.I explained that Max knows nothing of the UK, but only about service and obedience to me.

    The servers in the coffee shop were all men, and were attentive and helpful. It was a good ‘gynarchy’ experience.

    I am still in the Gynarchy and will fly home next week.

    I saw the new year in by sitting with Amelia in her extensive garden and watching the firework display across the river at the bottom of her property.

    It is always spectacular and we ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ as the display became more and more beautiful.


    1. Zoe, love your stories.
      I’ve heard that they have men who are “Alphas Beyond Macho” in gynarchy town.
      They say a weak man is a dud by focusing only on his pleasure while a strong man focuses entirely on her pleasure. These Alphas will kiss your feet, not out of submission, but only if it gives you pleasure.
      A woman sees the fire in his Alpha eyes, out of his desiring her, but she becomes totally wet realizing he’s all about giving her pleasure, caressing her whole body, and when she wants, giving her long, slow, mind blowing orgasm after orgasm. Then cuddles and spooning afterwards. These Alphas have used their masculinity to totally please the whole woman on her terms, which actually is quite satisfying to a “Real” man. Those strong men win by focusing entirely on her femininity.
      These women blossom and then go on with their great careers.
      Wishing you great happiness and dreams coming true in 2024 !

    2. Thank you, Miss Zoe.

      An inspiring vision. Women will not truly be free until men everywhere are in chains.

      Best wishes


  2. I was at school, walking in the playground by the tennis courts when I saw a first year girl, called Angie, smack a male teacher. This is not that unusual but the teacher was one of the older males (about 45 or 46) and was crying.

    ”What is going on Angie? Why are you smacking Mr Cowley?”

    ”Hi Zoe, he was, like, being a creep. You know how these old guys are dontcha?”

    ”Yes, but it is unusual to punish without a female teacher or Named Woman here to supervise. You can’t just smack a teacher, Angie, you know that.”

    ”Do I? Do I know that, Zoe?”

    ”Cowley, get up and go to your next class, please. You are making an awful scene and so I will be speaking to your Named Female. Who is that by the way, boy?”

    ”If it pleases you, Miss Zoe, my Named Female is Princess Alison. I have a review meeting with her now, actually. So sorry I upset you, Princess Angie.”

    Cowley hurried away. I will report what happened to Alison, who I know quite well. As Angie started to walk away I spoke to her.

    ”Angie, what happened?”

    ”Well, Zoe, I was, like, walking to the tennis court for a lesson when old Cowley walked past me without curtsying or waiting for me to tell him to ‘carry on’. It was so annoying I lost it. Am I in trouble, Zoe?”

    ”OK. No, you are not in trouble. Just follow the rules, honey. You should have spoken about what happened to Alison. She would decide on a punishment, or an apology. Understand? Otherwise any girl could lash out and hit any male without a good reason. That would cause the males to be too fearful to do anything and the girls with too much early responsibility.”

    ”I understand. Got it. Report the sissy old guy. Got it. Actually that would be better than making myself late for tennis. Thanks Zoe. Bye.”

    ”Bye honey,”


    1. Thanks for second story.
      The ladies certainly want to create the right environment

    2. I can see the logic of trying to restrain them from lashing out and hitting any male without good reason, but it does seem a shame to cramp the style of these energetic and enthusiastic young ladies. Many schools these days make their pupils sign a bullying pledge but actually, left to themselves, most teeenage girls will just start bullying even without such encouragement. It comes naturally.

      Many thanks Miss Zoe, for this and all your glimpses of paradise last year.

      Best wishes


  3. Caption 5: It’s either the hefty, vibrating strapon plundering his asshole, or that menacing looking belt swishing across his backside for embarrassing her at the gynarchy party. Maybe he’ll get both. Mix pain with pleasure, to condition the perfect slut (not to say the dildo won’t hurt a little).

    1. It’s behind you! As they say in panto. Sorry, still got that in my mind…

      Thanks for all your comments, Squaw. Have a happy New Order.

      Best wishes


    1. No, the females in the Gynarchy are mainly straight, as in UK society.

      The women I know date and marry free men of the Gynarchy. These are designated at an early age as being educated, kind and hard working. They are trained under female supervision and allowed certain liberties.

      Free men in the Gynarchy cannot vote or own property or be in a management or supervisory role over a woman. They must be under the strict discipline of a Named Female. They are free because they are not sissy slaves.

      As they are ‘men’ they need to be controlled and regulated.

      I married a ‘sissy man’ who is not free. I did that because I wanted an extra layer of protection and an obedient husband.

      His name is Max, and I love him very much.

      So, the answer to your question is the majority of women in the Gynarchy are not lesbians.


      1. Thank you for your answer.
        Max is indeed a lucky man.
        If I would act “inappropriate” to you or another woman, I accept the beatings.
        One question please. What is the difference between a sissy man and a free man?
        Thank you in advance.

        1. This is a very interesting question.

          Legally in the Gynarchy, a Free man is designated free at birth. This means his mother, only women can do this, applies to the Department of Home Affairs for him to be free.

          A mother can only apply once, which means if she has more than one baby boy they will be designated as ‘slaves’ or ‘sissy slaves’.

          As the Free man grows up he will go to a Free Boys School and be taught the same subjects as girls. At age 11 he will take an exam which will determine whether he remains free of becomes a slave. Most boys pass, as the investment in them is so high. He will go on to Further Education to become a qualified worker, in a profession or trade.

          Free men do not have the same rights as women, they cannot own property, they cannot vote, they cannot be out alone after the curfew, they must have a Named Female as their guardian and trustee.

          They can only marry with the permission of their Named Female.

          A Sissy man is owned by a Named Female and has the same restrictions as Free men, plus they can be bought and sold. They must obey the rules of the house where they serve and can only speak or give an opinion if allowed by the females in the house.

          Sissy men are trained from secondary school to follow a budget, to cook, clean, wash, iron, food shop and be obedient to any female whatever age.

          If a sissy is married, and many are such as my husband, Max, they are responsible for the running of the house.

          They can only work part time under the supervision of a Named Female.

          A sissy also is trained to worship women, to kiss and lick and sniff as she pleases. He will be fitted with a CB6000 chastity device from the age of 18 and not be allowed to have any intercourse unless the Named Female allows.

          So, legally, a Free man is different to a Sissy man in respect of the work he can do, the relationship he has with women and the freedom he has make his own decisions, limited though these decisions are and with the need for the approval of his Named Female.

          If a sissy has children, either his own or the result of his wife’s affairs with other men, he must bring then up in the way of the Gynarchy.

          If he has female children, he is of lower status than they are. Whilst they are young they must follow the instructions and loving parenting he gives, under the permission of their mother.

          As they grow older whilst they must do as he say they will be able to refer his decisions to their mother for confirmation and approval. She will decide if his instruction wa sin line with his guidelines or not. Mostly she will approve his decision, because he is under her rule and is doing as she wants.

          Later the daughter may be able to give orders to her father.

          To suggest to her mother any punishments she deems necessary for wrongdoing and to be treated as a princess by her father. (Roughly this would be from about her 12th birthday).

          When the daughter reaches 18 she is in full control of her sissy slave father and can treat him accordingly.

          Hope this clarifies for you.


          1. Thank you kindly
            Do the sissies of the neighborhood get to get together for regular play time, games etc?

  4. Honey, there are no ‘sissies of the neighborhood!

    We are the only ‘gynarchy household’ for miles.

    Max does have friends among the housewives who go shopping and gossip in the street. I am told that he is considered a ‘sissy’ and not a man by them and their alpha husbands.

    My female neighbours know our situation and always include Max in ‘coffee and cake’ days. He is asked his opinion on the latest fashions and hair styles. Just one of the girls.


    1. Thank you dear Zoe.
      Glad Max has company-companionship with others besides you.
      Some women have said that making men more “sissy” makes them more human. Makes and allows them to show more feelings, and understand another’s emotions, instead of playing a more macho role. He , the more feminized male, can then better relate to his wife. He voluntarily supports her wishes. More happiness for both.
      Have you found this also ?

      1. I have found this, Max is so happy when I allow him to choose a dress or skirt. When we go clothes shopping for him he is in ‘heaven’.

        Max is naturally ‘girlie’ and I encourage him in this.

        Such a good sissy.

        Thanks for your sweet questions, I have enjoyed answering them.


  5. Hey! Can you do some more captions with writing lines? I love them!
    Especially if they are too much and the woman is relentless.

    Thank you so much in advance

    1. Yes, I can and I do. It’s one of the categories you can click on, to the left there.

      No particular plans for many more, but they do feature in one of the items from a parallel 1980s that will feature this coming Sunday…

      Many thanks for taking time out from your hours of enforced scribbling to comment here.

      Best wishes


  6. Yes, they are quite funny.
    And ,although writing lines is an usual punishment for boys (I use it quite often), I thinks only servitor makes captions about it.

    1. Thank you, Maria. I’ll confess, sometimes I find it to be a lot of work both to keep up the blog and do all the lines my SO requires.

      But then ‘a lot of work’ is apparently the right amount for me, according to my SO, so that’s all right.

      Best wishes


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