Service tension

Especially if it limits her ability to spend your own money how she likes.
Consequences again – and quite right too. How could you have been so thoughtless, you monster?
Don’t worry, I hear they’re developing a kind of slow-release capsule so you won’t need a new dose every day.
Some might question why such a wise, benevolent and just ruler even needs ‘palace dungeons’ – and a few people did, near the start of her reign, but they seem to have gone away now.
They operate a walk-in, crawl-out service.
What a relief it must be to her, to hear his voice – and she must be especially pleased he phoned her first, not the police. That shows real trust and devotion.

2 thoughts on “Service tension”

  1. ”Max, what are you doing?”

    ”I have finished my chores, goddess, so I thought I could worship your feet.”

    ”But, I have visitors. You know you are not allowed in here when I have friends round. Katy and Verna might think I don’t run an efficient house. Go away, Max.”

    ”Aww, he is so sweet. Let him worship as we talk, Zoe.”

    ”Oh, OK. Max, worship Verna’s feet, as we chat. Good boy.”


    1. I do hope that Max received a thorough ‘debriefing’ once your friends left, Ms Zoe, after embarrassing you like that. I imagine they know you well enough to be confident your house is run on thoroughly efficient lines, but what if one of your work colleagues were round for tea and Max just wandered in and casually started worshipping your feet, instead of pausing at the door with a polite curtsey to see whether his services are needed in any way?

      Best wishes


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