There’s only one thing I wanna do

I wanna get back home to you. Yes, Servitor’s back!

Terrible pun? Yeah, I suppose it is: like I said, Servitor’s back. The material’s only going to get worse. It’s actually not Servitor’s back, in case you were wondering, but it looks like it belongs to someone almost as annoying.

So, normal service resumes. Oh… one small change. You’re probably all only too aware of the inflation that many countries have suffered over the last few years. Everything’s just going up, up, up. Well, I’m afraid Contemplating the Divine is no exception. I’ve tried to hold things as they are for as long as I can, but it’s time to reflect reality, so I regret to have to announce that from now on there will be six images in every post, not five.

I know, I know and I can only apologise. You’re just going to have to cope.

Most of the attractive guys have already been taken, I suppose.
Their champion in the high-heeled kickboxing would have won gold too, but she was unlucky enough to have a Russian male drawn as her target in the final, got a little over-excited and had to forfeit that match when the target died. Everyone sympathised but rules are rules. Her opponent, the Australian, deliberately kicked her own target to death when she saw what had happened, in a lovely display of sportswomanship, so they shared silver.
She’s not looking for an ally, more of a conquered subject.
He’s obviously having second thoughts, and they’re fine with that. My own SO always says that if ever I find the pain too much, I am welcome to regret doing whatever led to the whipping. And if it really gets unbearable, she always says I should tell her.

Mistress Sidonia and Lady Sophia Black, in the scene above, both quite wonderful. That’s quite in the sense of ‘very’ not in the sense of ‘just a little’. Why no link to Lady Sophia Black’s website, Twitter feed, Instagram or Only Fans profile you may ask? Because she has retired and the world is a sadder and less beautiful, if also less painful and humiliating, place as a result.

Usually they bring one over and grind it at your table, I understand.
His packets of condoms say ‘large’* so he’s always assumed…. well, anyway, Annie** set him straight as she has so many men.

* Although the stereotype is that condoms only come in sizes ‘large’, extra large’, ‘jumbo’ and so on (the point of the feeble joke in the caption if you didn’t get it – you’re welcome) there are actually condom manufacturers who specialise in the, erm… less over-developed male. Brands such as ‘Teenie peenies’, ‘It’s what you do with it that matters’, ‘Just right’ and of course ‘Fun-size’ are all condoms made to fit snugly on even the smallest… well, OK, maybe the second-smallest male out there. They’re quite expensive but the economics of the business are absolutely terrible: most of their clients will buy one or at most two packets in a lifetime, so they need to cover a lot of overhead. Fortunately, the cost of the rubber is very low – less than a fifth as much is used in the ones I buy as in the average-sized condom, they claim, which is environmentally very sound.

** Yeah, Annie. Instructions from Herself.

8 thoughts on “There’s only one thing I wanna do”

    1. Yes, not mine, like I said, but my SO liked it so much that she’s decided to try to reproduce the pretty pattern when my chores are done today. So there’s that to look forward to.

      Best wishes


  1. Servitor, this is a fantasy about the sissy husband of the first female President of the USA. His name is Tom and her name is Olga Smith. They have 2 teenage daughters who are looked after by the First Sissy, their names are Lola 16 and Lea 14.

    The scene is in the private apartments of the White House after a triumphant speech made by President Smith on the bill for the abolition of voting rights for all men.

    This is a very popular measure as it ensures the supremacy of women, in a gynarchy style USA.

    Lola: ”Daddy, that was an amazing speech by mommy. Did you know she was going to say that?”

    ”No, princess. Goddess Olga doesn’t speak to me abut such things.”

    Lea: ”But, do you support the banning of the male vote?”

    ”Yes princess, I think only women have the intelligence to know who to vote for. I would always vote as your Mommy commands.”

    Lola: ” Daddy, will you be attending the Gala Ball tonight? Maybe Mommy will let you wear your new blue gown. Won’t that be exciting?”

    ”I haven’t been told to be ready for the Ball, princess. Sometimes the President Goddess is so busy she forgets these details. I would love to have my make-up and hair done nicely though. I do love the way Jenny (the White House Make-up Artist) does my face. She is so clever.”

    The Gala Ball is a highlight of the year for the Lady President and the First Sissy. A chance to be glamorous and make some good contacts in the Femsup Party.

    I am not allowed to do anything without permission, so I must wait for Olga to instruct me to get ready. She will decide what I will wear and how my hair and face will be. I am really excited as I love to be with Olga on these glamorous occasions. Everyone wants to speak to me, to dance with me, to hear me laugh. That way they may get near the President.

    I am kneeling in front of Lola, who has allowed me to worship her smelly after school feet. I am wearing skinny jeans and a white blouse, with my hair down loose and no make-up.

    My cell rings and it is Olga. She informs me that she is taking me to the Gala Ball, and that I must wear the little black dress I love in order to show my pretty legs. A she hangs up she tells me she loves me and to be a good sissy.

    I do my own make-up and hair and am soon ready.

    Lola and Lea say goodbye and kiss me on the cheek. We go out to the Presidential limo and my hand is held by Olga. The country has got used to a female President with a feminine First Sissy. There is no trace of masculinity in me, form how I look to how I behave.

    When we arrive at the Ball I stand a little behind the President and smile broadly at the flashing cameras. In the limo Olga told me what she expects from me.

    ”I know nothing, I have no opinion on any political matter, I love Olga, I think the Femsup Party is wonderful, I have no opinion on pop stars or films or podcasts or vlogs or anything. I am a stupid sissy slave husband.”

    As Olga goes up to the podium to make her speech I sit behind her in a crowd of her political staff. I smile and clap and look suitably stunning for my love, my wife, my President.

    After the speech, as expected I am a target for the press.

    ”Tom, how do you like being First Sissy?”

    ”Tom, who designed your dress?”

    ”Tom, where are Lola and Lea, do you enjoy being a daddy?”

    ”Tom, is Olga nice?”

    My answers were boring and non-committal, except I did say how I loved our family and Olga is so kind and supportive.

    When we got back to the White House it was late, so the girls were in bed. Olga told me she was proud of me.

    I knelt in front of her as she sat on the bed and kissed and worshipped her pussy. She smelt so good, I love her so much. How many men would love to be me right now? Many millions I reckon, she is so popular, I am amazed how her radical ideas have been accepted.

    The USA is fast becoming a gynarchy state. It will be amazing, and it is the vision of my darling wife, President Olga Smith.

    That is her surname by the way. I took her name when we married and I am Mr. Tom Smith. I love being First Sissy.

    Olga has so many radical ideas, she wants lower taxes for women and higher taxes for men, women only driving license’s, free nursery education for professional businesswomen, quotas for men in business and many more.

    God Bless America, God Bless President Olga Smith.

    (Hope it was OK Servitor, thanks for allowing me the opportunity. Please let me know if you would like more).


    1. That was very nice, thank you Zoe. A first sissy has an important job – not just acting as a role model for the males of the nation, but also providing those all-important opportunities for the President herself to relax, let off steam and maybe relieve just a few of the tensions and frustrations that come with her demanding duties.

      Please do just keep on contributing here however you like.

      Best wishes


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