Hooray hooray (14)

Last day of Servitor’s holiday! There are loads of photos of the things I got up to, but I have her solemn word that as long as I keep making the payments on time none of them will ever be released.


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  1. How lovely that you are back, sweet Servitor.

    One of the many pluses of having one’s very own sissy slave husband is that one doesn’t have to be concerned with the dreary details of running a home. Max, my sissy, washes and irons and repairs clothes, he does all the food shopping, he dusts and vacuums, he makes the beds, he cleans shoes, he washes windows, he does some light gardening and he keeps a small budget.

    I have control of the major budget, but I let him have a monthly allowance for incidentals, for food shops and for fuel for our two cars. He has a little minivan for shopping and errands. He must keep within his budget and is very good at economizing.

    Max hasn’t been released from his CB6000 chastity cage since the 20th November 2022. This is quite a long time, but it is his own fault. He is a good boy but any minor infraction of my rules mean an extra time without release. For example, he has been extra keen on kissing my feet as it is so hot in the UK today, but this means he gets in my way in the kitchen and that is so annoying.

    I have been so busy I haven’t had time to release him from his chastity. December was busy as we had a house full over Christmas, January and February I was travelling a lot to the United States, March and April and May we were regularly sleeping together and he is so attentive to my pussy when he is locked away. June and July I was busy with work and really forgot about Max, we were sleeping together too. August I was in Bali without Max. So we get to September.

    Poor Max.


    1. Thank you, Miss Zoe, it is good to be back.

      Max may feel frustrated, but really you can’t be expected to remember every little thing, can you?

      Best wishes


  2. Don’t feel bad about it. Boys really don’t need to cum , in fact it is counterproductive, as boys who cum too often develop worse behaviour.
    And it is not so long. Real chastity begins when he has been at least a year (when he relies there are no magic dates that will guarantee him a cum).
    And of course,if he cums or not is your decision

    1. You are so right, Maria. I haven’t planned a year’s lock-up, but it is only 2 months to November.

      Poor Max, I guess I should feel sorry for him, but you know ….I don’t.

      Thanks Maria.


  3. You think is good to let a boy having luxuries,like use furniture,when he is being punished?

    1. Interesting question, Maria. It depends what you mean by ‘luxuries’. The top of my whipping bench (I say ‘my’ – obviously, it belongs to her but she bought it especially for me) is padded, for instance, which might seem a little over-indulgent but I usually find it starts to become uncomfortable after even quite a short time.

      A hard-backed chair with a seat upholstered with coir cut from a doormat is also a little luxury she allows me for a few hours from time to time – and am grateful, but I do wish she hadn’t made it so high that my feet are off the ground. Fortunately, there’s an attachment for my wrists so I can’t fall off.

      I’m very lucky, as I often have to tell her.

      Best wishes


  4. For me , it is a punishment,so no luxuries.
    They can’t use furniture or clothes while writing lines.
    Sometimes I let them kneel,but others he must be standing.
    They must use good handwriting,or start again.
    No breaks

    1. That sounds lovely, Ms Maria. Your boys are very lucky. Some men – particularly around my age – start to worry that maybe their lives are pointless but those of us forced to spend hour after hour repeatedly writing out lines that no one is ever going to read have no doubts at all on that score.

      Best wishes


      1. Servitor,I am surprised at you.
        You think writing lines is pointless?
        Pointless is, for example, jerk off,not writing lines.


        1. Well, perhaps, Maria but you see I have conflicting opinions on that. On the one hand: you’re right, I should be grateful (and – for the avoidance of doubt – I am). On the other, if she sets me to write “Writing lines is a pointless and tedious task that I must undertake for hours at a time purely on a whim of my Mistress.” 500 times, it’s hard to argue, you know?
          Best wishes

      1. For example, one day I was drinking some beers ,with one of boyfriends and a friend, Xi Li, at her home.
        In a moment I realised my bf looked at her legs , for a second. I just said him”100″earning he will have to copy something 100 times when we get back home.
        But Li asked “100 what?”,and insisted,so I had to tell her about the writing
        lines punishment,she found it very funny and insisted in him doing it in that moment. I said better wait home.she said she could borrow him a notebook and a pencil. Again she insisted so much I had to tell her how he wrote the lines ; standing , naked,no breaks….she laught a lot and insisted in him doing the punishment in that moments.
        He asked to go toilet first, as we had been drinking beers , bus she said no. When he stripes and she saw the chastity device and some whip marks, caused by a discussion we had days before, she almost die laughing…

  5. Then she said”hay, as it was my legs what he was looking at, why he can’t do the lines in my language?”…(we were a bit drunken).
    I said ok, but then maybe better only 20lines, bit she insisted in 100.
    So she wrote the line he should copy.
    We continued drinking while he wrote the lines.talking about my relationship with him and his punishments.
    The first time he wrote the lines she made him do it again.and also the second, third….
    Also in a moment I went the toilet, she said he had looked at her again. So he should write even more lines….
    He beg to go to the toilet again, but she said no…
    She laught a lot when he piss on himself.
    When I went home I had to leave him there , writing

    1. Very nice too, thank you Maria. I iamgine the language the lines were written in involved lots of complicated brush-strokes? That’s always struck me as having the potential to enhance the experience. Even using Roman letters, writing lines in a foreign language – Finnish, for instance, to recall a particularly unpleasant experience – adds to the overall effect.

      Best wishes


  6. ­čś░ But she should have warned him about the whip when she told him not to misbehave. I FOR SURE would have been on my best behavior and not embarrassed her if this were me. She was not 100% transparent of the consequences. This would be my argument for leniency. But if not, then the dude better run and hide somewhere–or something. Maybe call tye police for domestic abuse. Yeah, maybe that’ll work.

    1. I suppose she could have warned him, Squaw, but then he might have just fretted and been so worried he made even more mistakes. It’s probably better this way. In fact, as it’s her way, I think it’s better almost by definition, don’t you?

      As for the police, I really think they have better things to do than stop husbands being beaten by their wives. The criminal justice system shouldn’t waste its resources on such trivialities… indeed, I wrote a little story about that once.

      Best wishes


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