If that’s what she wants

‘Terrified’ is good. They like terrified.
She didn’t know he had a phobia about spiders, before this. Now she does.
My SO was very sexually adventurous on our wedding night. So I’m told, anyway.
Nothing’s quite so humiliating as someone deciding that the humiliating thing to make you do is your actual job. It’s like when I paid a domme to dress me in a humliating manner and she laughed and asked me just to put my regular clothes back on. Maybe she misunderstood, I dunno.
Speaking of humiliating outfits.. aren’t you glad you get to wear a dress, when the boys are round, instead of having to walk around in lingerie like she does?
‘So…’ ? So what? Oh well, I expect she’ll explain it to him after the session. Just… don’t try this at home, OK? Dommes who are inexperienced at really severe breathplay should make sure the first few times they try it they’re in, like, a totally different city from their hometown and be sure not to leave any physical evidence.

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  1. “Max, please could you explain why my pantyhose drawer is open?”

    “Goddess, I was checking on your supply when there was a knock on the front door. I must have forgotten to go back upstairs. I am sorry, ma’am.”

    “So, who was at the door?”

    “Ma’am, it was two Mormons wanting to talk.”

    “and did you?”

    “Sorry Ma’am, did I what?”

    “Did you talk to them?”

    “Oh, no Goddess, I knew you wouldn’t allow me to talk without permission, Goddess ”

    “So, that’s your excuse for leaving a drawer open in the Main Bedroom?”

    “Yes Goddess. I am so sorry’

    “I think you need to stand in the hall with nose pressed against the wall for an hour, thinking about how stupid you are OK, Then you can ask my forgiveness for allowing my pantyhose to be left open to the world. OK?””

    “Yes Ma’am Sorry Ma’am”

    “Go ”


    1. Thank you, Ms Zoe. I hope Max learnt his lesson. Mormons, for their part, need to learn that there are more important things for a submissive male to think about than the possibility of eternal life – and Mistress’s pantyhose drawer is definitely one of them.

      It’s not so long ago that Mormonism used to allow men to have multiple wives. Although I suppose some men might find that prospect exciting, I have to say, I get exhausted even thinking about it – imagine all the ironing I’d have to do!

      Best wishes


  2. “Max, are you sure you want to argue with me? I only ask because the last time you answered back with a complaint in this way didn’t end well for you, did it honey?”

    “I’m sorry, Goddess I only just finished the ironing and now you want your skirt suit washed by hand and ready by tomorrow. It’s late as well Goddess.”

    “You see, Max, this is the kind of thing that gets you in trouble. I give you an instruction, knowing full well all the difficulties this will cause you I know it is late. The skirt suit was stained the last time I wore it, and I forgot to get it cleaned then. So now I want to wear it tomorrow and so you need to help me do that. It is such a lovely blue that it will go perfectly with my silver silver blouse. Don’t you agree, Max?”

    “Yes Goddess of course. I will wash and iron it after supper. Is that OK, ma’am,”

    “Good boy, Max I am feeling kind this evening because I know how good you have been lately, and I have asked for this late OK? Anyway there really is nothing else I want to wear tomorrow. ”

    “Thanks for not punishing me, Goddess.”

    “Pardon? I said I am being kind. I certainly didn’t say you will not be punished for giving me a bad attitude certainly not. That’s like saying I don’t care. I will decide at your monthly review next week how you will be made to pay for your bad attitude.’

    “Oh, thank you Most High Goddess I will start supper ma’am.”

    What a great husband I have !


    1. Now this seems a much healthier form of religion for little Maxie to take up, Ms Zoe.

      Many thanks for all your contributions.

      Best wishes


  3. As Tom cleaned away the last trace of the pool of blood he had earlier mopped up, he was wondering about this dominatrix business and whether he was in the right place. Thankfully his professional janitorial skills meant that he kept his head down and made sure he did a superb job. When she said “Haven’t you finished yet, you worm” he kept his head down and mumbled “just a little bit more Mistress” while he considered asking Her if there was any blood on the soles of her boots which might need cleaning. But keeping polishing the floor until the hour was up might be safer.

    1. Indeed, Melissa, professional domination can be a messy business. Blood spills are rather unusual, but can certainly result from a vigorous session in my opinion, or simply one in which I turned up a bit late. But even less enthusiastic play can leave a lot to clear up, so many dominatrices would actually welcome the services of a professional janitor, dropping in every day to fix the place up for the next day’s clients. Some might even consider offering him a discount, but I don’t think that’s strictly necessary.

      Of course, one must always be very careful about how to handle blood. But only getting it on your boots is safe enough and any closer contact can be handled by subs.

      Best wishes


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