Denying agency

This is a concept from ethical philiosophy, apparently, that involves treating someone as a child, unable to make decisions for themselves. I must say, it sounds rather nice, but I myself have never specifically been denied agency, because I have never dared ask for it.

On we go.

One of the secrets of a happy marriage: hinted at right there. It’s not that there will never be arguments – obviously all couples have them – just that they be treated as ‘tantrums’.
She allows her boys an average of 10 orgasms a year – so this treatment doesn’t happen very often.
That’s the only downside of castration: it can lead to a loss of important male functions, such as feeling unbearable pain.
Don’t worry: if you’re not enjoying it, just tell her, OK? She likes to know.
Pretentious? Ich?
It can be quite hard to break ingrained habits, so don’t worry if you don’t manage it on your own. Once you’re married, she can help – the two of you are a team from now on, after all.

7 thoughts on “Denying agency”

    1. It can. Many of the professional ladies I have visited take inspiration, though, from the magnificant Mrs Trunchbull in Dahl’s Matilda. Confronted with a boy who liked eating cake, she served up a huge one and made him eat the whole thing, which must have been agonising for his stomach.*

      Similarly,perhaps counter-intuitively, the cure for enjoying a spanking too much can just be more spanking (I speak of both duration and intensity). I often find I go through phases: excitement at first being hauled over a lap, then disappointment when I remember that I don’t actually like pain, then perhaps a brief period of ‘getting used to it’ before finally it all gets too much and I am just crying and begging for it to stop. Ladies who know me well can get me to Phase 4 fairly quickly and keep me there as long as necessary (a duration that often seems to me overly long, but I am not the one who decides).

      Equally, of course, a nice tight chastity belt can solve this problem – as it can so many others.

      Best wishes


      * Regrettably, on this occasion the boy triumphs by managing to eat it all, but this is (from memory) the only example of male triumph in the book, which otherwise delightfully celebrates female empowerment, as well as depicting rather fetishistically outrageous school punishments.

  1. If Mr. Travis was immediately screaming about castration, maybe that indicates it was a frequent topic of discussion during his marriage.

    1. Men can get obsessive about castration – even women who enjoy the thought of painfully removing a male’s genitals tend to see it as a bit of a laugh, rather than some kind of solemn serious moment. Men just lack perspective, that’s all, so it’s a good thing they’re not usually the ones who decide on these things.

      Don’t worry, though: Mr Travis’s vocal chords have only been temporarily ‘relaxed’. He’ll be doing plenty of screaming in future, through the plumbing attachments; that’s why his wife is having all this done.

      Best wishes


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