Unequal sex

It’s the best sort…

I read somewhere that the medical advice on stress has changed. It used to be seen as something for middle aged and older men to avoid, but apparently recent research has shown that repeated stress and anxiety can make men better at all sorts of useful things, that more than compensate for any loss of life expectancy.
If he’s worried about it dripping randomly, she can always bring the candle down closer for a more accurate aim.
I admire Sylvia’s idealism, but isn’t it about time we all just admitted that men are just too stupid for most modern jobs? I mean, nothing personal guys, but we all know it’s true, right? They’re even inventing artificial intelligence now, before the males of the species have managed the natural kind, so really I don’t see the point in trying to catch up. There are lots of things men are better at than women – mostly involving manual drudgery – as long as they’re firmly supervised, so isn’t that enough? Why just set yourself up to fail?
Always difficult, playing with amateurs. Oh well, how bad can it be?
He also consented to several amendments to that agreement, after a few days of marriage. Funny how there’s always a few things you didn’t think of, isn’t it?

…and two extras, why not, both inspired by a recent post by the femdom blogger-in-chief, Paltego on Femdom Resource.

3 thoughts on “Unequal sex”

  1. “Mrs. Hathaway, what is your advice, if any, for men seeking female-led disciplinary relationships?”

    I wonder what the other male journalists did to the impertinent one after he squandered their chances to ask questions. I understand out in the real world Anne is in a traditional Jewish marriage and has two young sons.

  2. Anne is just protecting her man by keeping him out of the spot light, like 100% out if it. As head of the family, it is her duty. I’m sure she keeps a tight leash on her husband even on the internet. Websites are blocked, while she monitors the others, very closely. And if she has to dish out some discipline on his ass over lap, then none has a right to complain. It is her right, and a necessary measure, for the sake of a stable marriage.

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