Animate objects

…who are also subjects.

Ooo… ‘the wrong sort of pain’. Never pleasant. My SO says the way to handle it is to accept there are no wrong sorts of pain, and I can’t argue with that.
Notice how she said ‘please’? See, you can be treated like dirt and still receive a modicum of respect. She says ‘Thank you, darling’ occasionally too, although that usually means ‘Shut up.’, particularly when said in public.
Actually, sleep scientists say that an early bedtime can be extremely beneficial for health. Oh yes, and I read somewhere as well that spanking scientists say… now where was that article?
It’s actually only marginally less comfortable than an economy seat on most airlines and arguably (if you’re of the sex permitted to argue) more so on Ryanair.
It’s odd, but when you’ve been locked in chastity for a month, it’s hard for a woman to do anything that isn’t breath-takingly erotic. Including refusing to unlock you, ironically enough.

5 thoughts on “Animate objects”

  1. I was enjoying an early morning coffee one Saturday in my lovely designer kitchen. Max was keeping himself busy, not sure why I was up so early on a week-end. We had slept together the night before and I was feeling sore and content. It is so funny when Max is worried and does things to appear in control, but I know how his mind works. He thinks that if he has a duster in his hand and is in the living room or dining room or TV room I wont notice he is avoiding me.

    I don’t blame him for avoiding me, because I always try to assert my complete dominance in the morning after a night when he has been allowed, encouraged even, to be the ‘man’ in bed. He still had on his CB5000 chastity, but nevertheless he has access to my ‘pussy’ and my ‘ass”. He is a sensitive, but ‘manly’ lover in his own way.

    Obviously, he is not like the alpha guys I know who will lift me up and throw me on the bed, pull my panties off and enter me with their enormous c**ks. No way could dear Max do that, even if I didn’t mind. He is too well trained as a sissy slave husband.

    ”Max, come here please. I want to talk to you about what I am going to do this morning.”

    Max hurried into the kitchen. He was wearing a short black miniskirt with a crisp white blouse, nude pantyhose and 4” heels. His hair was severely tied back into a ‘bun’ and he has a bit of lippy on.

    ”Come and kneel by my feet, honey. At 8.30, that is in 30 minutes time, Harold, will be coming to pick me up and take me for a day of golf at his private Club. He has a new Morgan motor car and I am really looking forward to it. OK?”

    ”Yes, goddess. I like Harold. Not that my opinion matters, goddess, I didn’t mean to imply you are interested in my opinion about Harold, goddess. Or any one else for that matter Goddess. You do look beautiful, goddess. Did I please you last night, goddess? Is Harold your new boyfriend, goddess? Should I call him ‘Master’, goddess?”

    ”So many questions sweet boy.”

    ”I am sorry goddess. May I worship your feet, goddess?”

    ”You may.”

    Harold is a big alpha man with enormous appetites for life, for business, for wealth, for white women. He must be about 252lbs of muscle and fat. He is black and beautiful. He is also not interested in a long term relationship with any woman. Today he is using me as a sweet distraction, a play thing, as ‘arm candy’ as the term goes.

    I am using Harold as an amusement, an experience in luxury living and as, I hope, a lover for one day. Max is right to be worried as Harold can be cruel to sissy men. I have seen him reduce Max to tears as he berates him for doing something that annoys him.

    Max worships my feet for a while as I finish my Colombian Coffee. I stop him and leave him with my slippers as I go upstairs to get ready, have a shower, put on makeup and put on skinny jeans and a pretty top.

    The doorbell rings.

    I kiss Max on the lips.

    ”Be a good boy today, not sure when I will be back, OK?”

    ”Yes, goddess.”


    1. Thank you, Ms Zoe. I hope Max can maintain a bit of perspective on the Harold situation. I mean, being berated or even roughed up a little might make him rather uncomfortable, I can see that, but is that really important compared to your being distracted or even amused? Posing the question itself brings out its absurdity. we submissive males can have a rather narrow focus sometimes, which can easily develop into selfish self-regard, so I hope you can help little Maxie see the bigger picture.

      Best wishes


  2. I like your dominant wives captions most of all. Nothing that elaborate, just obedient husbands who (mostly) know their place, and no-nonsense wives who know how to keep them there.

    1. Thank you, Mr A. Yes, I like the simple ‘Oh, darling?’ ones too, although I’ll confess to particularly enjoying contrived and over-complex captions of more fetishy BDSM scenes, such as the OWK. I shall continue to do both for as long as I am permitted to do so.

      Many thanks for your kind comment.

      Best wishes


  3. ”Max darling, go and see if Harold wants coffee, OK? Good boy.”

    I have been seeing Harold for 3 months and he is getting quite keen. It is sometimes tricky to navigate ones sissy slave and ones lover. I want both to be happy and doing their best to please me.

    ”Hey Zoe. Good morning. You are amazing. Your sissy asked if I wanted coffee, so kind of you to send him up to me. Can I ask you something, darling?”

    ”Sure, why not?”

    Let me set the scene. Harold is in a white robe after his morning shower, Max is wearing a red tartan skirt with a white blouse, nude pantyhose and heels and I am in the skirt of my business suit, my silver silk blouse, heels and tan pantyhose.

    ”Would it scare you if I said I am getting serious? I know you are married, but I am falling for you in a big way, I can’t ignore?”

    I wasn’t expecting that! I always thought he was a ‘player’ out for some fun. Also, I love my husband, I am not free, nor want to be.

    That was the last I saw of Harold.

    It has been six weeks since that day.


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