Savage beauties

She thinks that there are always other credit cards.  And she’s right, of course, there are. They don’t all belong to the same male but that doesn’t matter.
Many married couples never discuss money, but in the best-run marriages it’s discussed once and that’s that.
Kafka-trapping, eh?  Curiously enough, George has always fantasised about this. I hope he enjoys the real thing just as much.
If she dreads it that much, why not just decide not to make him wear the No. 5s?  Women are hard to understand sometimes.
Almost all the guys she fucks are insensitive brutes, so she needs someone in her life who cares about her feelings.  Let’s hope he learns a bit of empathy.

6 thoughts on “Savage beauties”

  1. ”Excuse me, ma’am, is that your sissy over there?”

    ”Why, yes. That’s my Max. Is he ok?”

    ”You know sissies must be supervised at all times. He keeps feeling the dresses, the fabric, it might put my customers off.”

    I was out shopping with my husband, Max. Under the new laws passed by the gynarchy government, males must be supervised in public. I was looking at some pencil skirts whilst Max wandered over to the dresses. I couldn’t see any harm in this, after all he wears dresses and he was never out of my sight.

    Whenever laws are passed there will be eager women who want to impose them. I thought the shop girl was being silly, what harm can a sissy man do as he looks at some clothes?

    ”Max, come here please.”

    ”Goddess, I was only looking at the pretty dresses.”

    ”It’s ok, sweetie. Just keep closer to me, we don’t want you in trouble. I will be looking over at the dresses in a moment. Were there any you would like me to buy for you?”

    Max told me in great detail about some summer frocks in pink and some in blue. He was so excited. I put a grey pencil skirt in my basket and got Max to carry it as we wandered over to the dress display. Max was right, the dresses were very pretty and I chose one for myself in orange and a pink one for Max.

    ”Your sissy is very well behaved, ma’am. Are you paying by card?”

    At home, I got Max to put the purchases away and make us a coffee. I read thew mail as I sat on a high stool by the kitchen island. When Max came back he poured the coffee and sat at my feet. He is such a sweet sissy.

    ”You may worship my feet, babe.”


    1. The shop’s policy does not sound entirely unreasonable to me. My SO’s favourite clothes shop does not allow males on the premises at all, so I have often spent what seems like hours leashed up outside, getting up eagerly whenever the doors open for a lady to exit, only to sink down disappointed again when I see it’s not Her. To be fair, though, they do put out bowls of water on hot days, which is kind.

      Many thanks as ever for your comment.

      Best wishes


  2. Caption 2: I mean, if she truly believes we should both be making financial decisions, then she should be ok with me asking for more than 15 pounds a week. She won’t get upset with me will she?

    1. No, Squaw, I shouldn’t think she’d mind you asking. Many women quite enjoy turning down such requests; it reinforces where the power relationships lie.

      There’s nothing wrong with men begging their wives for tiny sums of money, in my view. It can make for a healthy relationship.

      Best wishes


      1. Well, I guess a man on his knees begging and pleading turns women on these days. Makes me more fuckable perhaps, my yielding submission..

      2. My girlfriend don’t get upset because I ask her something (except for nasty things).of course the final decision is allways hers

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