Rigorous relationships

“Because I say so” is actually the best reason of all, I’ve found.
I’ve heard that ‘smelly feet’ is actually one of the flavours in those Harry Potter jelly beans, but you have to eat a lot of raspberry and cherry and other such pointless flavours while looking for one.
She hasn’t even got that right: that helmet’s definitely from the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. Do you think I should tell her?
Don’t worry: there’ll be lots of chances to apologise during and – taking an optimistic view of how it goes – after, too.
Surely you wouldn’t sacrifice your deeply held commitment to the principles of men’s lib, just to get into a relationship with a pretty woman? Because that would be shallow and demeaning.  Wouldn’t it?

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  1. Caption 5: I think there are many reasons for a male to sacrifice his mis informed belief in men's lib. He has NO legal protection without the firm guidance of a woman. She seems nice, so I don't know what he's so afraid of.

  2. She says she likes the way the little sparks make her tummy feel tingly, Tom, and who are we to argue?

    As a responsible blogger, obviously I want to make clear that the practices and scenes presented here should not be taken as providing advice on the proper conduct of metalwork, housework or (most importantly) relationships.

    Best wishes


  3. Oh, don't give up, Michael. It's never too late, with a sufficiently determined disciplinarian. Sounds like she hasn't given up on you.

    Best wishes


  4. Thank you Ding. I think men's lib is fine, as long as it doesn't go too far. We just need some clearly-defined boundaries (and someone to set them). I'm sure Nata can tell the difference between, on the one hand, an honestly-held view that males can sometimes take on valuable and responsible roles in society and, on the other, impertinence.

    Best wishes


  5. ”Darling, you know I have always been a supporter of men’s rights. I have said, many times how men should have all the resources they need to serve women. I think your little group is very good at discussing ways to please women. Cooking and cleaning tips are fun for you. Now, what did you want to ask me about men’s lib?”

    ”Goddess, do you think men are capable of having voting rights?”

    ”Honey, it is a big responsibility to vote, I don’t think it would be a good idea, don’t worry about such things. They are for women only. Do you understand?”

    ”Yes, ma’am. But I could look at the party manifestos and we could discuss the various proposals. It seems unfair, men vote in other countries after all.”

    This is one of the topics of conversation that comes up regularly with Max, my sissy husband. He has it in his mind that men should be more equal to women in our society. I think he got this idea from some of the sillier men at his Men’s Group.

    ”Honey, it is important that you have the opportunity to meet other sissy husbands and discuss your worries and concerns, to talk about recipes and home furnishing, but you mustn’t be a silly sissy, must you?”

    ”But, ma’am, some of the men are allowed to do all sorts of things that you wont allow me. I want to be able to vote and not have to ask your permission all the time.”

    ”What sort of things can they do, that you cannot?”

    ”Well, some can speak without permission, they work in shops and offices, they have an allowance and some even believe men should be able to vote, sorry goddess. I know I am silly, but could we discuss these things?”

    I didn’t have time at that moment to discuss these ideas, but I promised Max that we will have an opportunity for a chat next week. In the meantime I set him the task of writing 100 times by Friday ‘I am a sissy and must know my place. Some things are best done by women.

    ”Honey, come and sit at my feet whilst I tell you what I think of the things you said last week about things other men can do, ok?”

    ”Here the lines, ma’am.”

    ”Good boy, put them on the table. Number one, some men are allowed to speak without permission. I often allow you to speak freely, it’s just that I prefer silence for a sissy, ok? It is just nicer to have a quiet, obedient boy.”

    ”But, ma’am…”

    ”Shh Max. Two, they work in shops and offices, well that is fine, but I want you concentrating on the home. You have had little part time jobs, haven’t you. I may allow it again, we will see.”

    ”But some have careers, and work in teams with female supervision.”

    ”Darling, I have told you what I think. Three some of the men have an allowance and some even believe men should be able to vote, Now, you have an allowance, isn’t it enough?”

    ”Yes, ma’am. it’s just that it is only enough for our weekly food shop, if I want anything else I need your permission.”

    At this point I was a bit bored with this conversation. I told Max that he was being ungrateful and should consider how lucky he is to live with me in this luxurious home and that I wont let him go to the men’s group if he comes back with silly ideas.

    I allowed him to kiss my feet and then sent him off to do his chores.


    1. Thank you, Ms Zoe. For what my opinion is worth (little to nothing), I personally believe there is a sensible middle ground to be reached here. Politics does not always have to be a clash of incompatible extremes.

      Why not allow selected males to qualify for the vote, if they can show themselves to meet certain well-defined criteria? Those criteria could include, for example, a long-held and demonstrated belief in female superiority, being in a well-established female-led relationship and a clean record when it comes to any crimes such as sexism or thoughtlessness towards women.

      Such qualified males could be allowed the vote, possibly subject to certain practical considerations such as their female partner accompanying them to the polling station and assisting them in the voting booth, if need be, in case they got confused by the choices on offer.

      Not only would such a system provide a helpful reward to males eager to demonstrate their conformity and obendience to sound female supremacist principles, it would also effectively increase the voting power of women in positions of authority over their men, which can only help to foster a harmonious and just society.

      However, this is just a suggestion. Obviously, if women don’t agree it should be ignored completely, along with its author.

      Best wishes


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