Her opinions

 …although I share them, obviously, even the ones I haven’t been told about.


She’s taking this very casually at the moment, but don’t worry: I’m sure it’ll come up again in the next weekly reminder session.

Best to get it over quickly.  After all, the whole point of chastity play is the chastity, not the orgasms.  Some men don’t get that, at first.

Deniably, that is.  I’m sure she could think of many, many things he could die of, were it not for the pettifogging legal system.

As it turned out, he did indeed ‘experience fresh challenges while continuing to deepen his existing skill set’ in his session with Strict Madame Lydia, so that worked out well too.

She gets a lot of job satisfaction.  Not just the pain she gets to inflict, obviously, because she’s a professional with a keen interest in social rehabilitation.  No: it’s the humiliation and the misery, too.

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  1. 1st caption: I'm sure he knows about the spike in males coming up missing, or the few dudes that show back up naked, beaten and raped. She'd be worried sick about you. Nobody spanks and rapes your tasty little body but her.

    Caption 4: I think this dude opened up a can of worms he's going to wish he didn't open. If he still takes this job even after she explains his true "extra" duties, these women at this company will micro-manage his entire life. Hopefully they are nicer than Madame Lydia at least.

  2. Thank you Squawneworder. You seem concerned about the dude in Caption 4. Please don't be. He deserves everything he gets. In the event, his employer just agreed with Madame Lydia to pay his income straight into her bank account, thus cutting out the middleman and leaving him 'free' (In a manner of speaking) to concentrate on what is important to the women in his life.

    Best wishes


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