Words can never hurt you

 …but these ladies can.

You might think it a little unfair that only one of the submissives in this relationship does all the housework – but remember, she needs to rest during the day after a busy night looking after Mistress’s sexual needs.


Let’s just say I’ve had time to get my hand in.

They should be more careful with their property.

Unlike regular sex work, paid femdom doesn’t have to involve hanging around on cold rainy street corners, wearing nothing but a latex miniskirt, tiny top and uncomfortable high heels – but if that’s what my dominatrix says is going to happen, I usually don’t argue.

Don’t be alarmed; her mother may be a bit bossy but at least she likes you.  She described you as ‘very suitable’ when you were first introduced to her, remember?

0 thoughts on “Words can never hurt you”

  1. Last caption:

    He's probably thinking of getting a divorce. But then, I'm not sure if he read the fine print at the bottom of the marriage contract detailing all the things she'll do to him if he tries to run away. She's a really nice lady just like her mother, so he has nothing to worry about as long as he obeys and worships her.

  2. In the words of the song, if he tries for a divorce he might find out what he means to her. And to her mother.

    Best wishes


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